Bhrigu Nadi Jyotish is very powerful. Vedic Raj Astrology without ever looking at transit or dasha, all I am applying are the divine wisdom of Rishi Bhrigu . Predictive Techniques of Bhrigu NadiDr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD , MBA) Published in Starteller, March A Planet changes its chara. Know About Bhrigu Nadi – A Short Sequence of Notes. Jupiter’s influence – A Bhrigu Study – Post One Astrology has a number of different systems, one of which.

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He is a teacher who has plenty of knowledge or vast knowledge. It is the 2nd sign from natal Saturn. Therefore, for each 12 years, the ascendant would be the Sign where Jupiter astdology placed governing the event of those 12 years, and then for the next 12 years bhritu will be rotated in the next house, which will govern the events for the next 12 years and conforms to the indication of the prime placement.

Great importance is given to a the sign in which the planet is posited b the conjunction of the planets c the planet which leads in conjunction in terms of its degrees; d planets which are in the 12th house of a particular planet; e planets which are in the next house of the sign in which a particular planet is placed; and f planets which are opposite to the concerned planets.

Father will own a property 8. Don’t they have confidence and respect on their own chart.

Some consider this combination to create lazyness, delay, and some consider it to be a yoga which affect the intelligence level Negatively Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here We should not misinterpret those lines by giving some narrow meanings.


Methodology and effects of Mercury in various houses Bhrigu Nadi is a classical technique of Bhrigu Maharishi. One may notice here that Mercury and Moon is placed in astrilogy house to each other. The native is a principal in a Technical college situated at Gorakhpur, U. If conjunct Rahu, Ketu or Saturn — Loss of conveyances, bereft of happiness, bitterness with relatives, uttering lies. Brother will have fame and support from Government 3.

Now, see there is the association of Jupiter and Ketu with Saturn.

Nadi Easy Method of Determining Profession – Jyotish – The Divine Science

For detailed understanding one should have the brief idea about the nature of all the planets and the Rasi Karakatwas. So, it is sure that his profession will be business because Mercury is a planet who is giver of business. Saturn mercury combination research: Many children, highly learned in Sastras and Veda, proficiency in music, good amount of patience, charitable, professional earning through business, hates the preceptor.

Salt is prepared from the sea water only.

How to navi an astrologer without knowing if he is predicting right or wrong. Karma has a wider range of meaning. Dear All, Can anyone explain the native chart who is facing hurdles in profession.

If disposition is strong — Acquires conveyances c. He along with his friends tried so many things, business etc. If combust, retrograde or conjunct malefic.

If disposition is weak -loss of children c. Rahu indicates Shadow arts, Camera techniques or computer techniques. Will the predictions loose their value. If disposition is strong — The native will enjoy full span of life. If the native is a female, below are the possible results 1. Brother will be short tempered 4.


Predictive techniques of Bhrigu Nadi

AstrologyNadi AstrologyProfession. Jupiter gave him enough knowledge in Astrology. Brother will be adamant in nature 5. MS Christie, Agatha, D.

Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Moon is for emotion, for writing, imagination etc. Mars is the planet of machineries.

Thus he was a great numerologist, palmist and a great Astrologer. He is one of the all time greatest Astrologer. If placed in exaltation, own house or conjunct Jupiter.

Mercury in the 8th House Many children, public charity in the 25th year a.

Bhrigu Nadi, Predictive techniques of Bhrigu Nadi – Truthstar

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Here, one can notice that Saturn is exalted, Venus and Mercury is posited in the 2nd house from Saturn.

Please comment your views. If exalted or occupying own house or conjunct benefic —Financial prosperity Mercury in the 12th House Qstrology, valorous in battle. The 2nd house there from i. Native will have Blood pressure. More interestingly, she is a Astrologer, has gone through various astrology books and spiritual books.

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