PDF | On Jan 1, , Vandana Saini and others published Biofunctional prosthetic system: A new era complete denture. The BPS system is a standardized system for the fabrication of high quality removable Unmatched Quality and Comfort = Biofunctional Prosthetic System. The BPS system is a standardized system for the fabrication of high quality Unmatched Quality and Comfort = Biofunctional Prosthetic System.

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Pour only after 1 hour. A retrospective comparison of two definitive impression techniques and their associated postinsertion adjustments in complete denture prosthodontics.

For more details please refer time schedule. Participant’s information among two groups Click here to view. The results are high quality tooth replacements for discerning patients. Open the catalog to page 5.

Open the catalog to page The impact of new complete dentures on oral health-related quality of life.

BPS – Biofunctional Prosthetic System

Support Center Support Center. Errors caused by dimensional change in mounting materials. This pressure also optimizes the physical properties of the denture.

An attractive market is emerging — take action now! The patient was recalled after 6 months and examined. The patients wore either a complete denture, which was made using the biofunctional prosthetic system biofunctional prosthetic system complete denture BPSCD or a complete denture made with conventional procedures conventional complete denture CCD for 3.

Use of biofunctional prosthetic system following partial maxillary resection: None, Conflict of Interest: She was wearing dentures with attrited teeth and worn out denture base. Acknowledgments We are grateful to Mr.


The more accurately the patient data are reproduced, the more functional the dentures will be. The masticatory movements and the sensitivity of the oral mucous membranes are sytsem into consideration, as well as the wearing comfort during daily use. How to cite this article: As the teeth closely simulate the characteristic features and complex layering patterns of natural teeth, they offer a particularly wide range of natural aesthetic effects.

This clinical report describes the prosthetic rehabilitation of an edentulous patient,who was dissatisfied from her 8-year-old denture. The Biofunctional Prosthetic System Ivoclar Vivadent denture base materials Ivoclar Vivadent articulators The denture base materials used in the fabrication of BPS dentures are not only highly compatible with the sensitive oral mucous membranes of patients but they are also available in a particularly wide range of colours.

Although the biofinctional score and the OHIP. By delivering DentCare prostheses to the patient the dentist approves and takes responsibility that all clinical requirements are fulfilled. The future of complete dentures in oral rehabilitation.

Biofunctional prosthetic system: A new era complete denture

boofunctional The most important demand on your denture is to reproduce the functions of natural teeth during mastication and speaking to a very high extent. There was no occlusal disharmony or sore spots.

Open the catalog to page 6.

An order placed, cannot be withdrawn. The secondary impression was taken with zinc oxide eugenol impression paste [ Figure 5 ]. Simplified versus comprehensive fabrication of complete dentures: Prices are subject to change without prior information.


The BPS recommends impression making similar in principle to the mucostatic method that proxthetic compresses tissues, using a combination of irreversible hydrocolloids of varying densities together in the same impression. They therefore facilitate the procedures in the dental laboratory. Products described without warranty in the price list will not have any warranty.

BPS offers your laboratory the following advantages: Dentures were cured with injection molding technique [ Figure 7 ] using Ivocap high-impact plus denture base material. This vertical dimension was used for mounting the casts obtained from initial impressions, taken with Accu-trays different from conventional denture trays with an extra flange to cover the vestibular areas and extended distal part to cover the retromandibular pad area more efficiently [ Figure 3 ].

This will further prostheyic Hence, a BPS denture was planned to prsothetic her a better fitted prosthesis. The merits of BPS for fabricating complete dentures. Author information Prosthetkc and License information Disclaimer. J Pharm Bioallied Sci. Patient cannot claim warranty for any sort of prostheses upgradation. Will there be a need for complete dentures in the United States in ? The Online Medical Device Exhibition.

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