Diane BLAKEMORE. Understanding Utterances. Oxford: Blackwell, p. xi+ Understanding Utterances constitutes a welcome textbook on pragmatics. PDF | This is a review of the book by Dianne Blakemore. Diane Blakemore, Understanding utterances: an introduction to pragmatics. Oxford: Basil Blackwell, Pp. xi + – Volume 28 Issue 2.

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Understanding Utterances: An Introduction to Pragmatics

An Introduction to Pragmatics. Added to Your Shopping Cart.

Description This textbook provides an introduction undershanding pragmatics from the point of blakemor of Sperber and Wilson’s Relevance Theory. The first part lays down the foundations of a relevance theoretic approach to utterance understanding, which is then applied to the analysis of a range of phenomena which are central to pragmatics.


Her book on Semantic Constraints on Relevance was published by Blackwell in Permissions Request permission to reuse content from this site.

Table of contents Reviews Preface. Communication and the Context.

Understanding Utterances: An Introduction to Pragmatics – Diane Blakemore – Google Books

What do Speakers Communicate?. The Principle of Relevance. Pragmatics, Linguistics and Literature. Attitudes and Speech Acts.

Speech Acts and Pragmatics. Saying, Telling and Asking. Implicated Premises and Implicated Conclusions.

Strong and Weak Implicatures. Discourse Connectives as Constraints on Implicatures.

The Classification of Discourse Connectives. Punctuated with straightforward exercises and a useful recommended reading list. Series Blackwell Textbooks in Linguistics.

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