Blasomill, Vascomill, Vascomill MMS, Blasogrind. BLASOMILL 10 (). BLASOMILL 10 (). BLASOMILL 10 DM (). BLASOMILL Blasomill, Vascomill, Vascomill MMS, Blasogrind. BLASOMILL 10 (). BLASOMILL 15 (). BLASOMILL 22 (). BLASOMILL Blasomill (10 Viscosity) for machining. Item Code: BM Blasomill (22 Viscosity) for machining. Item Code: BM BlasomillHD for Broaching.

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Blasocut BC Friction coefficient Model according to Merchant Ploughing force according to Albrecht Application of the determination of the friction coefficient Comparison of workpiece material, tool material and lubrication pairs Art.

For minimum lubrication applications we offer various kinds of Vascomill MMS products. Contact form contact blaeomill blaser.

Blasomill 10 pdf

Blasomipl grinding oils are distinguished by the following characteristics: The VDOPS vacuum dehydrators use high-efficiency pleated microglass filter elements to remove particulates from oil. Update my browser now. Uses include lubrication of bearings, slideways, conveyors, cams, hinges and other locations where a clean, durable, long-lasting film is required. The high-pressure and wear protection performance of these products therefore varies according to application.

By cleaning contaminated oil with the system, operators can minimize downtime, improve equipment performance and save money on lubricants.

The vacuum distillation process also effectively removes entrained gases such as benzene, propane and methane.

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Chlorinated Paraffin is utilized as an extreme pressure EP additive package in Blasomill Uni 10, which delivers excellent cutting performance in medium to heavy duty machining applications, over a wide range of materials.


We make sure of this with the high quality of our base oils. Outstanding lubricity extends tool life over conventional fluids reducing operating costs. Completely free of DCHA and formaldehyde-donating compounds, Tech Cool BF provides long sump life, low odors without the use of bactericides, reduced foam levels, exceptional corrosion resistance and high lubricity. Our Vascomill cutting oils suit various segments and requirements. The user-friendly formula does not affect plastic or painted surfaces, while also being non-toxic, noncorrosive and non-irritating.

No Blasomill 10 High performance cutting oil based on mineral oil High performance cutting oil, especially developed for heatresisitng steel, titanium and nonferrous metals. The Swiss company Blaser Swisslube produces coolants, cutting oils and grinding oils. Request safety data sheets. Your browser is out of date!

Cutting oils and Grinding oils. It is designed for incidental contact lubrication applications in the food processing, food preparation, pharmaceutical processing, personal care processing industries, as well as other industries requiring clean applications.

Our Blasomill cutting oils suit various segments and requirements. Blasomill Uni 10 is low viscosity, Swiss-style oil formulated with the latest in state-of-the-art metalworking fluid components.

Each group incorporates various formulations to suit specific requirements. Very low overall water content—as low as 20 ppm—can be achieved in hours. It offers superior dry film lubrication that remains water-resistant after application. Concentrate Emulsion 63 4 0. Vascomill products are available in four categories: We offer three groups of Blasogrind grinding oils, each with a different base oil.


They are suitable both for internal and external feed, and reduce agglutination so that workpieces are practically free of residues after machining. Suitable for milling, drilling, deephole drilling, turning, automatic turning, threading, tapping, reaming, honing and sawing.

An interactive PDF version of the new catalog is available at www. Tech Cool BF is stable in hard water and compatible with recycling programs, as well is designed for central systems and stand-alone machines. Blasocut CF is a water miscible, chlorine free, mineral oilbased cutting fluid.

Blaser Swisslube | Cutting oils | Grinding Oils | Blaser

The new catalog features an expanded table of contents, numbered product tables and a comprehensive index. These units are commonly used for turbine or hydraulic blassomill to achieve an MPC value of 15 or lower.

The best grinding oil ideally balances lubrication and self-sharpening effect. Substrate staining, typically a challenge for metalworking fluids, has been eliminated with Tech Cool BF, making it the ideal product for machining ferrous, aluminum, copper and brass substrates.

Blasomill 10 pdf

A list of my favorite links. Blasomikl new catalog replaces the SKF general catalog. Chlorinated Paraffin is utilized as an extreme pressure additive package in Blasomill Uni 10, which delivers excellent cutting performance in medium to heavy-duty machining applications over a wide range of materials.

Page 27 Safety Data Sheet acc.

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