Blood and Tears. Front Cover. Qutubuddin Aziz. Publications Division, United Press of Pakistan, Bibliographic information. QR code for Blood and Tears. Read about the reality of the fall of Dhaka in and role of India in dismemberment of Pakistan, a story of ‘Blood and tears’ by Qutubuddin. Transition: Ex-diplomat Qutubuddin Aziz passes away on behalf of stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh I found his book Blood and Tears.

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When my husband did not return even on the third day, I went to his office.

Killings In Lalmonirhat Killer gangs stage bloodbath in non-Bengali azix — Bengali neighbours plead for non-Bengali friends — murders in trains — Mukti Bahini terror reign. We had no guns. Amongst them were quite a few American journalists of eminence and influence. The Red Cross Officials tars their best to trace out my missing husband but he was not found. They dug trenches on the main road, and piled up burnt trucks and lorries and bitumen drums all along the highway to block vehicular traffic.

Killer gangs looted and burnt hundreds of non-Bengali houses in Raufabad, Halishahar, Dotala, Kalurghat, Hamzabad, and Pahartali localities. She was old and looked a saintly woman. Gunfire Ravages Nilphamari, Saidpur Brutal killings of non-Bengalis — horror in Kopilmoni — bodies of ravished, dead girls float in tanks — non-Bengali railway employees in Qutuguddin massacred.

Awami League demonstrators marched past the Presidential Mansion in Dacca where General Yahya was staying and shouted obscenities against him and the federal Army. The sheaves of eye-witness accounts, documented in this book, prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the massacre of West Pakistanis, Biharis and other non-Bengalis in East Pakistan had begun long before the Pakistan Blkod took punitive action against the rebels late in the night of March 25, But our neighbours were decent people and they assured us that we were safe.

The volcano of fire and death erupted in this picturesque city of green hills, rivers blold luxuriant tropical vegetation on March 3 soon after the Awami League’s high command in Dacca took to the path of rebellion. We lived for more than two years in a Red Cross Camp in Dacca. Farid, who witnessed the gruesome massacre and escaped it by dint of good luck, was repatriated to Karachi in January Fire-breathing demagogues of the Awami League had saturated the consciousness of their volatile followers with hatred for the West Pakistanis, the Biharis and other non-Bengalis.

She told me that ans Mukti Bahini gang had raided the Bank on the day my husband disappeared and it murdered all the non-Bengali employees on duty. He asked his storm troopers to set up road blocks against military movements and to prevent the military from making use of railways and ports. Dead bodies of other slain non-Bengalis lie in the foreground.


Even today there are vast numbers of them who are braving the pain and agony of endless incarceration in hundreds of jails in Bangladesh because of their loyalty to Pakistan — a country in whose creation their noble forebears played a leading role. The office was locked from outside. Newer Post Older Post Home.

The eye-witnesses, whose testimonies or interviews bllood contained in this book in abridged form have been chosen from a universe 11 Blood and Tears by Qutubuddin Aziz of more than 5, repatriated non-Bengali families.

Although the eye-witness accounts contained in this book put the focus on the largely-unreported horror and beastiality of the murderous months of March and AprilI have, in many a case, incorporated the brutality suffered by the witnesses after India’ s occupation of East Pakistan and the unleashing of the Mukti Bahini’s campaign of terror and death against the helpless non-Bengalis and pro-Pakistan Bengalis from the third week of December onwards.

Takbeer e Musalsal Zaid Hamid’s Personal Blog: Blood and Tears – Qutubuddin Aziz

Some of my relatives perished in the carnage in our locality. Terror in Narayanganj 44 Killer gangs on the loose — slaughter in Fabric Factory — two non-Bengali captive girls raped in a bus — rebels march wailing Bihari women and children. At many places, it took from a week to a month for the federal army to retrieve the rebel-controlled areas.

Here, BrassTacks once again destroy the enemy propaganda. Frenzied mobs, armed with guns, knives, iron rods and staves, roamed at abd and looted business houses, shops and cinemas owned by non-Bengalis.

Blood and tears

Quthbuddin Pakistan Government paid very dearly for its folly of banishing from Dacca some 35 foreign newsmen on March 26,a day after the federal Army had gone into action qutubudfin the Awami League militants and other Bengali rebels.

I presume that the thugs killed him. Late in Septemberthe exchange of Bengalis in Pakistan with Pakistanis in Bangladesh and the repatriation of the Pakistani prisoners of war and civilian internees from India was commenced under the previous month’ s New Delhi Agreement. Subscribe To Posts Atom. Awami League militants and student activists took away at gunpoint jeeps, qutubiddin and microbuses owned by non-Bengalis.

Affluent non-Bengalis were kidnapped for ransom and subsequently tortured and killed in slaughter-houses. Peggy Durdin, an American journalist, who, with her husband, also a journalist, had gone to Dacca to cover the National Assembly’s session scheduled for March 3, gave this account of the mass hysteria whipped qutubuddi by the Awami League leadership in the Bengali populace in the city azuz the beginning of the month in an article in the New York Times Magazine of May 2, In Dacca, the rebels burnt a predominantly Bihari settlement of shacks in the Old city, but the Awami League informants of foreign newsmen told them in the morning of March 26 that the Army had set the shanty township on fire.


Rampaging mobs, led by gun qutunuddin Awami League militants, carried fire, terror and death into the homes of thousands of non-Bengalis in the populous localities of Dacca, such as Nawabpur, Islampur and Patuakhali Bazar. He was lodged for the night in the Dacca Cantonment under military guard and flown the next day to West Pakistan and interned. Armed thugs, claiming links with the Revolutionary Action Groups set up by the Awami League, extorted money from affluent non-Bengalis.

State Sponsored Genocide in India. Dacca became a city of eerie quiet except for the mass meetings held day after day in open places and the parades of chanting axiz.

The majority of eyewitnesses consist of the parents who saw their children slam, the wives who were forced by the rebels to witness the murder of their husbands, the girls who were ravished and the rare escapees from the rebel-operated human slaughterhouses.

The qutuguddin had been routed but the Bengali hospital staff was sullen. The exact death toll, which could possibly be much more will never be known because of the practice of burning dead bodies or dumping them in the river and the sea. We lived in peace and we had excellent relations with our Bengali neighbours “Since the first week blooe March, Awami League militants were spreading hatred for qutkbuddin amongst the Bengali population.

Bhutto and chanting ‘Joi Bangk’ Hail Bengal and ‘Sadhin Bangla’ Independent BengalSheikh Mujib, on March 2, proclaimed a five-day province-wide general strike; it stopped work everywhere, including all Government offices, closed every shop and halted all mechanical transport, including bicycles.

The Awami League storm troopers were reinforced by the rebels from the East Pakistan Rifles, the para-military Ansars and the local police. For a perspective, rea In the third week of Decembera Mukti Bahini gang raided and looted my house and threw me and my three small children on the streets. A killer gang attacked my house and stole all my ornaments, my clothes, crockery and the furniture.

After the raiders had gone, I felt some sign of life in my husband. Hutments of non-Bengalis in Dacca’s shanty townships were qutubudcin ablaze by the hundreds.

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