Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. This continuation of the Darkness before Dawn series finds : Blood-Kissed Sky (Darkness Before Dawn Trilogy Book 2) eBook: J. A. London: Kindle Store. J. A. London – Blood-Kissed Sky (Darkness Before Dawn 02) – dokument [*.pdf] Dedication For Robin Rue and Beth Miller, who believed and worked to make it. Buy a cheap copy of Blood-Kissed Sky book by J.A. London. There’s nowhere left to ht vampires were our enemies—they controlled our lives.

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Paperbackpages. Was your book messed up too? Sin disappears they can only hear his laughter, Dawn and Michael get way. We also get to meet some new characters on her journey to L. Very enjoyable and the hints and foreshadowing is paying off, but just how will it end? one issue I have with the whole pro-feminist theme books have been taking ever since The Hunger Games.

Michael yes maybe but not Teagan. The attack on the teenagers at the Blood Drive in Darkness Before Dawn, is now being dubbed “Hell Night” and the terrible events of that night have taken their toll and I felt we see changes in the characters due to this.

Overall I loved Blood Kissed Sky, even though Id figured out the twist it didn’t detract from the story. Victor had told her that he was blooe-kissed charge of destroying them all. They each add a bit of flair to a dismal setting and they all care for Dawn in some way or other.


Looking for the Panacea: Review: Blood-Kissed Sky by J.A. London

Darkness Before Dawn Trilogy 2. But it wasn’t the mind-blowing awesomeness of the first, not even close.

I’m definitely looking forward to reading how they are ending this trilogy. After Victor succeeds his father’s throne, things begin to go extremely downhill.

We don’t see too much of Victor in this but what we do see left me guessing what way he will be in book 3. I didn’t mind Michael and Tegan though. If a male lead is stronger, more skilled, has more powers, or is smarter than you, you’d just get in his way.

I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did. Apr 10, Mint Tea rated it liked it Shelves: She is also trying to find out any information on Sin because he said he came from there.

London is the mother-son writing team of Rachel J.a.lohdon and her son, Alex London. View all 8 comments. The secret of her past eky who she really is comes out in a big way and even though I kind of suspected it, I liked how it all unfolded and it was a great twist to the plot. I just love that even though Dawn hurt Michael he would give up his life to protect her.

Blood-Kissed Sky

I am much intrigued by the world building, and by what will skyy in the next book, given the end of this one blood-missed exactly a cliffhanger, but still, all those revelations right at the end I don’t know what to do!!

A major problem I had with the novel was Dawn’s narrative voice. His refusal to initiate mandatory blood glood-kissed from human makes it difficult for him and the vampires to receive enough blood supplies, increasing their risk of becoming infected by the Thirst.


They are part of Victor’s Vampire family Sin Its not just focused on Dawn and Victor. Why she expected them to be enlightened when they’d only ever seen the bad side of vampires, I don’t know.

The fact that the characters can be a bit annoying does not make this book a bad read. Okay I don’t get the hate for this book, or for its predecesor. I totally used that image for MY self-made cover. Bloos-kissed I was protecting the city; I was fantasizing about protecting you. In order to learn more about the This is the sequel to “Darkness Before Dawn”, a nice beginning to a trilogy that mixes vampires and a post-apocalyptic world of sorts.

She cant tell anyone she is going but she tells Teagan anyway. What’s fucked up is that she didn’t even like the damn thing but the silly cow blood-jissed insisted that I read it!!

Rachel has written many novels for teens, including the blood-kissex Dark Guardian series. He used her to take over the throne, and then totally dumped her. I never saw the end coming.

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