Bonderizing is a chemical process to help prevent the corrosion of iron, steel, and other metals. You can also add a definition of Bonderizing yourself The process of treating a metal surface with a zinc phosphate coating in preparation for painting or. Bonderizing Process. Lubricating film for cold forging of aluminum-based metal. Our automatic processing line for aluminum-based metal has been in operation.

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Manganese and iron phosphating coatings are usually the thickest electrochemical conversion coatings, being thicker than electrochemical conversion coatings such as zinc phosphating and bluing. It seeks out and creeps through microscopic openings in the finish and sets up corrosion until the whole panel is affected. Bon- derizing under the finish overcomes this difficulty. This was caused by contaminants in the acid solution and not cosmoline as is commonly believed.

Of the several accelerated tests used bondeeizing checking finishes on metal, the salt spray takes a prominent part and large capacity is prov ided for this purpose. Pittsburgh Electro Galvanizing Co.

Bonderizing Suppliers

Bonderizing, especially, is an invisi- ble quality that must be exploited to be of greatest sales and advertising prlcess and the smart salesman can make it a distinct selling aid, if he will take pains to bring it to the prospect’s at- tention.

It is the evolution of bondetizing process that has been used by American indus- try for nearly a quarter of a century. What is Bonderized Steel? Of all the products to which Bonderizing is ap- plied, none of them demonstrate its rugged char- acter quite so forcefully as its use on the automobile.

Federal Tin Company, Inc. WHILE Bonderizing was originally designed to produce a rust-inhibit- ing phosphate coating on iron and steel only, as an integral paint base, it has been perfected to such an extent that the same corrosion resisting and paint holding qualities can be extended to galvanized, galvannealed, zinc alloy and cadmium surfaces. Two to five minutes is usual ly sufficient, depending upon the type of metal being treated.

The process involves submerging the metal part into a phosphoric acid solution whose proces ingredient is often zinc or manganesewith varying additional amounts of nitrateschloratesand copper.

Retrieved April 12, Quality Certifications ISO A II test panels arc icraicbed before heme. The pink area shows the development of alkali. Millions of consumers have seen Parker advertising in the Saturday Evening Post, Colliers, Time, and other na- tional magazines until Parker Pro- cesses have become synonymous with rust-proofing in the minds of buyers of automobiles, household equipment, of- fice equipment, electrical devices, and hundreds of other articles on which rust is apt to affect operating efficiency and finish appearance.


The size of the processing sec- tion and speed of the conveyor are adjusted to allow usually sixty seconds in the Bonderizing spray. Various if similar recipes for stovetop kitchen Parkerizing circulate in gun publications at times, and Parkerizing kits are sold by bonedrizing gun-parts distributors such as Brownells.

Whether the sales- man is a factory representative, or the man on the firing line selling the goods over the counter or on the sales floor, he finds this to be a big help to him. Both manufacturers and consumers know and appreciate the extra quality that Parker Processes provide.

There is no distortion nor dimensional bnderizing result- ing from the Bonderite Process. Colquhoun of the Parker Rust-Proof Phosphating Company of America then filed another improved phosphating patent application in While you may already know considerable about Bonderizing bonderizin reading, and possibly seeing it in operation in other plants, you will naturally want to bnoderizing a more complete bknderizing as to how it prcess fit into your finishing routine as well as how it will affect your product, and get some estimate oi the cost of operation.

Somewhat analogous to the improved manganese phosphating process improvements discovered by Baker and Dingman, a similarly improved method was found for an improved zinc phosphating process as well. In addition to this elaborate laboratory equipment Parker has bonderizkng for applying all their processes under actual production conditions, as well as testing devices with which to determine the comparative rust-resistance of the coatings produced.

Thus it becomes possible in all Bonder- izing installations to treat entirely fer- rous metal production, entirely zinc, galvanized, galvannealed or cadmium sur- faced production, or bonderkzing percentage mix- ture of these metals. There are, of course, many detailed variations to fit them to the physical and production require- ments, but such variations are worked out in advanOl b the Parker technical staff.

The finishing material flows into the interstices between the fine crystals and, when procesd, is securely anchored to the metal.


The high concentration of these chemicals per- mits packing a large amount of rust-proofing energy in a comparatively small container, thus reducing storage facilities and freight costs to a minimum. Its pleasing deep black color harmonizes with most mechanical assem- blies, or may be painted when desired.

Definition & Meaning Bonderizing

The terms ParkerizingParkerizeand Parkerized are all technically registered U. Once the process is installed in the manufacturer’s production line, it obnderizing subject to periodical checking by expert practical operators from the Parker staff.

For the wine term, see Robert M. Subsequently, an alternative technique was developed by the Parker Company to use easier-to-obtain compounds at less expense through using zinc phosphating in place of manganese phosphating. A heavy oil coating is unnecessary and undesirable bonderiaing achieving a positive grip on Parkerized metal parts.

In a continuous, controlled process, coils of galvanized steel are first thoroughly cleaned and rinsed. The Bonderized piece was in good condition at the end of hours, while the one not Bonderized showed defi- nite deterioration at less than hours.

It was to overcome the first two of these difficulties of finish maintenance that Bonderizing was de- veloped. There is another Parker Process that is applicable to a wide variety of articles, which still further extends the Parker service.

While cleaning is not a part of the Spra-Bonderiz- ing Process, yet, like all other metal-finishing pro- cesses, a clean surface is necessary for satisfactory results and cleaning is included in the set-up as bonderixing of the normal operations in a completely mechanized line.

Panels and finishing are identical except that the test panel at the left was acid cleaned, while the panel at the right was Bonderued before finish mg.

Bonderizing is a modern development, designed to keep step with fast moving industries. The considerable list of Bonder procesa users is being extended rapidly.

Manganese phosphating produces a medium- to dark-gray or black finish. It is a tried and proven process that has attained world-wide acceptance. The earliest work on phosphating processes was developed by British inventors William Alexander Ross, British patentinand by Bbonderizing Watts Coslett, British patentin A few outstanding manufacturers o products using Bonderizing:

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