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Daniel is an Urbat—a werewolf—a Hound of Heaven.

MySF reviews: The Lost Letters of Brother Gabriel by Bree Despain

Originally angels blessed with power to fight evil, they succumbed to that power and became cursed. Daniel is constantly urging Grace to hold back, brotther, and the beast inside craves to be set free.

Eventually, Grace meets Talbot, a hottie Urbat who embraces his darker side and eggs Grace on to do the same. Meanwhile, Jude has taken up with a wild bunch of Urbats who feel the quickest path to dominating mankind is by knocking over convenient stores.


Most of the characters of the first book return for this one, some in diminished roles and some enhanced. Each minor character affects Grace during their turn letter stage, so none were superfluous.

Talbot is the character that has the greatest influence, both as a romantic lead and as a teacher, but not always for the best.

Gabriel, the ancient Urbat, has his influence as well. Mostly, however, Grace searches to know herself and the role her powers play in her life.

Her struggles to balance her old self with her new self while also trying to maintain the relationships around her is poignant. Also interesting is the history of the Urbats as Grace uncovers secret after secret.

The Lost Letters of Brother Gabriel by Bree Despain – short fiction review

If there was one minor flaw in the book, it would be the lack of communication as a plot device. Daniel and Grace drift apart because of oetters.

Gabrie in communication are the irreconcilable differences that divorce papers are filled with world wide, but sometimes this story felt as if the breakdown was convenient to give the story more pages.


Regardless, it was a minor point and could be testimony to how impatient I was for them to reconcile those differences—evidence that Despain writes believable characters.

Read The Lost Letters of Brother Gabriel read free novels online by Bree Despain | Full Books

Despain has done a great job on world building. There is depth to the story here that is missing from most books in this genre. The Lost Saint was an enjoyable tale with strong characters and a deep storyline. Skip to content Search for: Avatars tje Sterling Adventures.

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