A lonely, contrary, often difficult man, Breece D’J Pancake was one of in and just reissued by Vintage as Trilobites and Other Stories). “Trilobites” by Breece D’J Pancake. saturday-shorts Saturday Shorts Week Welcome to our weekend series for Every Saturday this. Breece D’J Pancake was an American short story writer. Pancake was a native of West Virginia. Atlantic Monthly misprinted his middle initials (D.J., for Dexter John) in the byline of Trilobites, a short story the magazine published in

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On the surface, it deals with rural change and isolation: You and I will never know.

But there is something else too: To say that Breece D’J Pancake is not well enough known is a massive understatement. Indeed, this sense of history and baffled love are Pancake trademarks; in the words of John Casey, who knew the young writer and was instrumental in encouraging him to send his work to the Atlantic: Archived from the original on He was raised in Milton, West Virginiarecognized as the home of handmade Blenko glass.

And so he rapes her. He knew people’s jobs, from the tools they used to how they felt about them. Most of his stories are set in rural West Virginia and revolve around characters and naturalistic settings, often adapted from his own past.

Breece Pancake: ‘Something ancient in my soul’ | Books | The Guardian

It is writing of great generosity and real courage; but, as Dubus also notes, “there’s more going on here as well; with some of the other writers I’d been reading at the time I could feel a slightly judgmental quality in the prose, as if the characters in the stories were not so much real people as they were props being used to make wise, sardonic points about the human condition. She isn’t making love, she’s getting laid. Breece Dexter John Pancake was born and brought up in Cabell County, West Virginia, in the heart of the neglected and misunderstood region that forms the rich, dark and often bitter backdrop to most of his 12 published stories, a landscape that is as vivid and unforgettable as Hemingway’s Michigan, or Faulkner’s Yoknapatawpha.


After Pancake’s death, author Kurt Vonnegut wrote in a letter to John Casey”I give you my word of honor that he is merely the best writer, the most sincere writer I’ve ever read. According to Foster, “All of Pancake’s stories have a dreamlike quality–they don’t explain themselves and they are never unequivocal; readers must make their own interpretations.

Restrained, alert, with touches of melancholic humour, “Trilobites” is a masterclass in the observation of character: According to Foster, “One cannot consider Pancake’s work without probing his tragic brrece. Views Read Edit View history. Book News Better read than dead: Retrieved 9 December One of the virtues of his writing is the powerful, careful gearing of the physical to the felt.

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A bunch of starlings swim over me. Loading comments… Trouble loading?

Casey reflects on the summer’s hottest re-release”. His face is splotched pink, and the sun is turning his glasses black. Previous post Gimme a break Next post An instinct to play.

It opens, typically, when things are already disintegrating. His vivid, compact style has been compared to that of Brfece Hemingway. I was born in this country and I have never much wanted to leave. Giving it up in this way — by not resisting the sale — brings equal feelings of guilt and relief.

The air is smoky with summertime. Great news, we’ve signed you up. No doubt, it was something he knew because he lived it, but a legion of other men have lived similarly painful and frustrated lives and have not panacke able to articulate the hurt — or the occasional fleeting beauty — of their condition. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Breece D’J Pancake

I was born in this country and I have never very much wanted to leave…. Breecr stories received acclaim from readers and critics. His canvas is littered with the old broken-down autos, the detritus of an industrial age-all symbols of blight and sterility. Douglass points out that, in hindsight, there were many indications of Pancake’s suicidal longings,” such as the act of giving away many personal items, including his guns, with the exception of the Savage over-under shotgun he used to commit suicide.

Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: More often than not, these stories are about the dispossessed, but it is clear that this is never a matter of mere property; most of these farms and smallholdings are dusty and unworkable, their monetary value next to nothing, yet the blood history and generations of baffled love they contain is pancske price to their inhabitants.

Back at the farm it is clear that Colly is bound to the land — by his feelings of duty towards the farm his father built and, more intricately, by a kind of communion with the ancient geography that shaped the landscape. Please check your details, and try again. Once you have read his only collection of stories, published posthumously inyou will most likely, as I did, grieve for the loss of such genius.

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