Find the best Bridgestone tires for your vehicle and learn about Bridgestone’s advanced fuel efficient tires and run-flat tires. 1. MICHElIN® TRUCK TIRE. DATA BOOK. Truck tires, retreads, rv tires, and commercial light truck tires 19th Edition. trucks with. MICHELIN TIRE CARE, find the perfect route with the new ViaMichelin application, SIAMTYRE HIGHWAY RADIAL for heavy-duty trucks launch in Southeast Asia and will combine .. Bridgestone 46/90 R 57 VRDP and VRPS.

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As always a wealth of cwtalog in this sub-forum! So, I am opting for the Road 4 and was hoping a few people would chime in about other size alternatives that work. If it lasts 4K miles, I am O.

I swapped a trike for them. Old Mar 8th,7: The long and short of it is that even if I limit myself to the 73 load rating, I can carry more than pounds either with another rider or gear.

The bike filetypw handling incredibly. And of course it is a real new If you’re serious about changing the wheels on a bike, c should only have one major issue and that is brake reach, but with a good set of long caatlog calipers that’s no issue.

Old Mar 2nd,5: Rampart range is one of my favorite mountain roads.


Commercial Tires

Weight isn’t the issue for me; safety is. The last time I talked to the dealer, I they recommended only the Metzlers. Otherwise it looks equal to the other two I have. Aug 28th, 3: Options Quote message in reply?

It is the proper size and rating for the LT and it is usually cheaper than the ME series. The Battlax BT is becoming an outdated design. I was in Frankfurt at the time.

Images Of Tires Image Group (76+)

In rating a tire, manufacturers have to radila both the speed rating as well as a the weight rating. Old Mar 3rd,4: I will also post pictures. Old Apr 7th,7: Old Mar 4th,1: You can’t put a 28″ tire to 27″ wheel.

Showcasing High Yokohama Ice Guard available for buying right now! Both are higher than the load rating of 69 for the 16 and both are slightly larger diameter as well a bit smaller than stock.


Don’t know how to figure the distributed load under those conditions. Cataloh monitor tire pressure and temperature with real-time alerts to prevent issues before they cut into your bottom line.

The reason for this is that weight behind the rear wheel is cantilevering the front wheel up and placing more on the rear. Oh and the change was tir the late 70’s early 80’s, you could still find a lot of trcuk wheel bikes in the early 80’s as well, but for the most part the higher on their manufactures lineup you go the faster they were phased out.


They slowly became accepted as the preferred alternative to 27″ and trickled down though the price ranges. It is my opinion however that a tire with a speed rating of a W MPH and a load rating of 73 is a stronger tire than a load rating of 79 and a speed rating of H Radiql.

Sorry to here you fell on our awesome roads here.

If you weren’t there, it’s easy enough to thumb through old catalogs truk and look at the specs change. Such a rating would appeal to a larger market.

Truck & Bus Tyres | Commercial Tyres | Bridgestone India

Regardless, this measurement is certainly better than taking it down to the local gravel yard and getting a weight there. I think the race bikes were all the time 28″ bridgesgone.

Old Mar 4th,4: You could always weigh the front and rear axles at a certified truck scale, but most weigh in lb. Unfortunately, tire options are a real problem with this bike. That was common with the peoples bikes travel bikes in 70s fietype they used 27″ wheels.

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