SS Morro Castle was an ocean liner of the s that was built for the Ward Line for voyages By the morning of the 7th, the clouds had thickened and the winds had shifted to easterly, the first indication of a developing nor’easter. Throughout .. In , the West Coast music critic Philip Elwood described the early Bruce. and his family taken 10 years ago, copied from a book by Miller’s wife Mary Easterly titled, “Lucky Me.” . 2, , aboard the USS Missouri. MUSTER ROLL OF THE CREW ccaaa (o-5a2) of the u. s. s. for the quarter ending. Full Name: Easterly, Bruce; Branch: Navy; Conflict Period: World War II .

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Quinquinio, rescued both men, who survived without serious injuries. She then moored to Pier 5 at the yard, where she remained until 10 April, when ongoing international tensions generated by NATO and Warsaw Pact rivalry over the European balance of power forced her to curtail her work two months earlier than originally scheduled to relieve America, herself ordered to relieve John F.

The next day the carrier left the shipyard en route to the Virginia capes for work slated to include a full power run, testing the anchors and a test of the flight deck wash down system.

Even during the tensions of the Cold War most of these encounters were professional and the rivals often waved to each other. Heavy seas and high winds, however, curtailed flight operations during the first phase of the exercises, but conditions improved just barely enough in the harsh northern climbs to permit the ship and her embarked air wing to support the planned objectives.

It could have even literally broken the Midway into two sections, which of course, would have resulted brkce the loss of brhce. During the crisis Forrestal operated in the eastern Atlantic to back-up naval operations in the Mediterranean, and to be ready to intervene if the crisis escalated. Dependents, pets, and personal vehicles joined crewmembers for the three-day transit sasterly Mayport. When the ship visited Athens unfavorable media reaction reached its peak due to another confrontation between a Greek taxicab driver and a pair of sailors from Forrestal.

The carrier led two other Sixth Fleet ships, a destroyer and an amphibious assault ship, toward Tunis, where Forrestal appeared at first light on the 29th about 13 hours after receiving the request ready to assist the beleaguered people of the area. French families flooded the U. Moore DD and all three ships sped to the scene.

People journeyed from the capital of Nicosia to a British installation at Dhekelia in a convoy of private vehicles, where helos from Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron HMM operating from Inchon evacuated persons, of them United States citizens, in 22 sorties over only five hours, to amphibious transport dock Coronado LPD steaming offshore. The carrier stood out of Norfolk for post repair trials, returning to onload ammunition October.


The concept proved so popular amongst sailors that the Sixth Fleet later adopted the policy throughout the Mediterranean. Secretary of the Navy John B. The President then reviewed 40 “tall ships” from countries across the globe from the carrier. McKean and Julian A. The blaze gutted the flag mess and galley, as well as flag living quarters. Forrestal set sail for the Mediterranean. The next day the ship got underway for the trials and for material inspections, her first time at sea under her own steam since arriving in Philadelphia.

For military observers,she staged underway demonstrations to illustrate her capacity to bring airpower to and from the sea in military operations on any scale. Tomcats returned to the ship during carrier qualifications on board off the Virginia capes.

The admiral’s deployment became an affable one with crewmembers as he previously commanded the ship and knew her well. Both ships sustained minor damage but no casualties among their crews, and the impact inflicted limited damage on Forrestal ‘s port side which affected her refueling rigs and hoses.

The contact listed, Was the contact at the time for this ship when located. Barely two minutes into the unfolding holocaust the first of many high and low level detonations erupted as the heat started to cook-off bombs, rockets and 20 mm rounds.

Naval History and Heritage Command

The ship arrived at Mayport in time for crewmembers approved leave to join their families for the Christmas holidays. Shortly thereafter destroyer Bausell DD also reached the carrier to help. Rockefeller, Secretary of State Henry A. The landing lights which extend from the portside of the angle deck were gone, along with the LSO station.

The final tally was 52 killed and 82 wounded. Although many of their targets lay within heavily defended areas bristling with North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gunners and surface-to-air missiles, CVW flew more than missions over North Vietnam without losing a single aircraft. Hope of VA and operations officer of CVW jumped out of the cockpit of his Skyhawk between explosions, rolled off the flight deck and into a safety net. In addition, crewmembers claimed that the ship attained knots during these trials, exceeding her designed speed after years of service and wear.

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Describing his re-entry as a “real fireball,” Glenn splashed down in the Atlantic some miles east of Grand Turk Island in the Bahamas, about miles southeast of Bermuda. The carrier conducted a firepower demonstration for guests of various service colleges. Twenty-one aircraft also sustained enough damage from fire, explosions and salt water to be stricken from naval inventory, including: The USS Midway’s side number was, of course, 41 and given the reality of our current situation, it was hard for anyone to dismiss her prediction or at least the unbelievable coincidence.


Forrestal sailed from Norfolk with Task Force to New York harbor as the host ship for the International Naval Review, to celebrate the bicentennial anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of the United States from the British crown. The ship visited Naples.

Shortly thereafter, fire brigade members discovered burning boxes in a fourth deck storeroom. Shipyard workers went into extra shifts and these collective efforts brought Forrestal out of overhaul two months earlier then planned. The carrier entered the yard for repairs which included replacing her original propeller shafts.

Connally visited the ship and spoke to the crew over her closed circuit television system, congratulating the men for achieving their second coveted Battle Efficiency “E” award. Following a visit to Naples 30 April—8 Maythe ship completed an anti-air warfare exercise in the eastern Mediterranean, principally steaming to the north of Crete and into the Ionian Sea.

MacKenzie ‘s firefighting parties sprayed the carrier with as many hoses as they could bring to bear.

SS Morro Castle () – Wikipedia

The carriers conducted air operations “as practicable” to enhance their readiness, and utilized their aircraft to evaluate experiments determining the maximum bruxe group loading for “executing war missions” as they maintained readiness to enter the Mediterranean should their presence be necessary.

The Cactus ‘ hull had sliced into the Midway’s hull causing a fifty foot gash in the port side below the waterline.

She spent the first two days rehearsing and performed the demonstration on the 16th and 17th. Operations in the Adriatic Sea through the 11th afforded the crew the unique opportunity of visiting Trieste in northeastern Italy March. The young sailor became enthused by naval aviation and he took flight training with British instructors from the Royal Flying Corps at Camp Borden, considered to be the birthplace of the Royal Canadian Air Force, and at Deseronto, both in Ontario, Canada.

This boat became the first of several more submarines eassterly a number of different countries usd the determined helicopter crews tracked during the course of their deployment.

Cullen, nor any debris from the downed aircraft. Gill, and injuring 10 others. Forrestal arrived at Rota during her 10th Mediterranean deployment. She sailed from Norfolk to embark CVG at Mayport two days later, and then she patrolled the Atlantic until returning to Virginian waters when the crisis subsided and the Americans ultimately withdrew most troops from Lebanon.

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