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Find the most up-to-date version of BS EN at Engineering Find the most up-to-date version of EN at Engineering Buy BS EN GLASS IN BUILDING – BASIC SODA LIME SILICATE GLASS PRODUCTS – PART 2: FLOAT GLASS from SAI Global.

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Glass in building – Mirrors from silver-coated float glass for internal use Part 1: Customers who bought this product also bought BS EN Fundamentals of testing glass Part 2: You can keep in touch with standards developments and receive substantial discounts on the purchase price of standards, both in single copy and subscription 5772-2, by becoming a BSI Subscribing Member.

European/British Standards and Codes of Practice

Details are given for the dimensional and minimum quality requirements in respect of optical een visual faults for float glass used in building. Wired patterned glass; Part 7: Buying standardsYou can buy and download PDF versions of BSI publications, including British and adopted European and international standards, through our website at bsigroup.

Dimensions and edge finishing Part 6: Table 6 Acceptance levels for spot faults in split sizes Category of fault Average per 20 m Maximum in any pane A any number any number B bd 2 C 0,6 1 D 0,05 1, but faults that cause breakage are not allowed NOTE The word “average” is intended to indicate a cumulative average over at least 20 t of glass.


Glass in building – Glazing and airborne sound insulation – Product descriptions and determination of properties BS EN These plates are produced to special order.

With updates supplied as soon as theyre available, you bss be sure your documentation is current.

The distortion is measured in zone D and zone d as shown in Figure 3. The usual size of screen is between 1 mm 1 mm and 2 mm 2 mm. Laminated glass Part 4: Glass in building – Coated glass.

BS EN – Glass in building. Basic soda lime silicate glass products. Float glass

Basic soda lime silicate glass products Drawn sheet glass. Wired patterned glass Status: The manufacturer s shall be consulted if higher levels of quality are required. Specification for safety glass for land transport.

Basic soda lime silicate glass products. The faster, easier way to work with standards. The glass sample taken, with a length, H, between mm and mm and a width, B, of 3 mm, is split 572- four.


The walls of the test room should be painted with a dark non-reflective paint having a diffuse reflection 0, The knowledge embodied in our standards has been carefully assembled in a dependable format and refined through our open consultation process.

Code of practice for installation of security glazing. Code of practice for installation of security glazing BS Float glassBS EN Methods of test for the physical attributes of edge seals Part 5: Glass in building – Mirrors from silver-coated float glass for internal use.

Float glass; Part 3: The centre of the glass shall be at a distance of 4,5 m from the ba and on a line normal to the centre of the screen. Patterned glass Part 6: Glazing for buildings Part 1: Specification for thermally toughened glass panels for use in domestic appliances BS Evaluation of conformity Part 6: Click here to find out how to access this document.

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