Bangla Swanirbhar Karmasansthan Prakalpa (B.S.K.P) The maximum limit of loan available under the scheme: More than one member from the same family is not eligible to form a group (family Undertakings are not eligible to apply. BSKP Subsidy Claim – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for bskp subcidy claim mukrema bibi . Partner Application Form (1). Application Form Of B S K P PDF Document b s k p pdf titleapplication form of b s k p pdf b10be4 Application form – spscskm instructions for filling the omr.

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Bangla Swanirvar Karmasansthan Prakalpa. In appreciation of the long- felt need to inculcate a sprit of drive and enterprise among the unemployed youth of this State Government of West Bengal have come forward with this Prakalpa. It is designed to educate and motivate the youth of the possibility and the facility available to start an enterprise on their own in an individual capacity or in a group.

It aims at generating self-employment in the urban and rural areas of the State through promotion of tiny units of production manufacturing ,trade service or any other sector including agro- based industries, horticulture animal husbandry other than direct agriculture. The scheme was set in zpplication in the financial year and was later extended to cover rural areas as well from It shall be a continuing scheme. Eligibility -An individual entrepreneur or a group of entrepreneurs preferably registered with any employment exchange of the State and whose family income respective family income of individual members vskp case of a group does not exceed Rs.

Applicability- The scheme will be applicable to all eligible entrepreneur ,individually or in groups subject to a minimum of five members and all of them belonging to the same area who want to generate income by setting up viable tiny scale units or to run, revive or improve any existing unit.


The project cost for an individual applicant will be subject to a maximum limit of ten lakhs and for groups of five and more the applicatiob project cost will be limited to a maximum of twenty five lakhs. More than one member of the same family members shall not be eligible for constituting the group and shall not be eligible for subsidy under the scheme for group of entrepreneurs Atma Samman.

The scheme is bsk; for unemployed youth which means any person who is not gainfully employed and is within the age group of 18 and 45 years as on the date on which he or she makes an application for assistance under the scheme and registered with any employment exchange. The State Govt in the Department of Self-Group and Self Employment may relax the age limit for a maximum period of two years which is up to the age of 47 years of age on consideration of merit as a special case under exceptional circumstances.

Any eligible unemployed youth can apply in the prescribed form as shown in Annexure1 available attached down below with the Block or Municipal or Borough Self Group and Self Employment Offices and submit the filled- up application to the motivator earmarked for the area to which the applicant belongs.

Motivator means a person or a group of persons or an organization not being prospective entrepreneur under the scheme and engaged as such to motivate and assist the prospective entrepreneurs to avail of the scheme provide guidance for appropriate implementation of the project and play decisive role in motivating the beneficiaries to repay the loan.


Bangla Swanirvar Karmasansthan Prakalpa

The motivator shall guide and assist the applicant in filling up the form and in the preparation of the project, if necessary. Having satisfied himself about the viability, sincerity, capability and bona fide of the applicant and the feasibility of the project prepared the motivator shall deposit the application along with the project report to the office of the Block Self Help Group and Self-Employment Officer and Designated Officer at Municipality or Borough level as applicable.

No Government subsidy will be provided on working capital which may be required subsequent to the initial operationalisation of the scheme whether in manufacture trade or service sector.

The banks however may extend loan for working capital etc for subsequent requirement after the project has been operationalised. Training —The Department may arrange vocational training for the unemployment youth as and when necessary bzkp impart needed skills for successful implementation of projects under the scheme.

Recovery of Loan —Any bsmp arising out of non recovery of loan or default in repayment of the loan applicaiton this scheme shall be treated as a Public Demand within the meaning of the Public Demand Recovery. Repayment of Loan —The bank or WBFC or the financial institution shall determine the period of initial moratorium and repayment of loans depending upon the profitability of the project. For any queries the applicant is requested to contact the District Manager, Bankura at the following address:.

Society for Self Employment of Unemployed youth.

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