Tabs for Jay Chou – Bu neng shuo de mi mi. 1 tab) for the picking part. G – G/F# – D – xx Dsus – xx Intro (Piano): G – G/F# – G – G/ F#. Chords for 周杰倫Jay Chou – 不能說的祕密Bu Neng Shuo De Mi Mi [鋼琴Piano – Klafmann]. Play along with guitar, ukulele, or piano with interactive chords and. Jay Bu Neng Shuo De Mi Mi chords, midi, notes, tab, tablature and sheet music for piano, keyboard, organ, synth, flute by ACC.

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Don’t ypu play in the old piano room Why? Just me and my Mum What about you? Never mind, I’m just kidding, bye!

Anybody has “Bu Neng Shuo De Mi Mi” song piano score?

If this is any indication of what’s to come from this talented dude, then I’ll be more than happy to be a fan convert, for his cinematic efforts at least. They should get a grant, only pens and rulers! Something wring with yours? I can have a heart attack, you know?

That’s a lot for a guy not even in his thirties. Let’s go out and eat! I was practicing Why? MusicRomanceSchoolFantasy Tags: Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Record Store Owner Funky Tu His mother forces him to stop and help with the family business.

Secret [Bu Neng Shuo De. Mi Mi] – reviews –

I’m like a fool everyday! You didn’t mess one single key! A unusual group of people in a village on the coast of Taiwan form a band to perform at a beach concert, while the lead singer searches for the intended recipient of 7 lost love letters. I have a lot of memories here But on graduation day It’ll be torn down I know You’re kind of mysterious Really? Win a Shjo Snack box today! We won’t be using it after graduation though Later students are more fortunate Come practice often! The soundtrack remains pretty active and is not what you’d call subtle, but since it is integrated so well into the whole story it never becomes bothersome and Chou hits the rights notes time after time again.

  IEC 60705 PDF

That’s me friend Looks like today, it’s going to get interesting!

Secret () – IMDb

Ah Bao Kai-Syuan Tzeng Be the first to create a discussion for Secret. She’s resting, you’ll disturb her Why isn’t she in class? That’s ok, I’ll hear soon or later I’m almost home Really? The coach is so dumn! New guy, did you listen carefully?

The locks were changed, I couldn’t get in But I think, Mom should still be beautiful It’s all your fault Saying that music will make her more elegant! It sounds bad on the old piano Ready over there? English Teacher Yiao-Tzong Chou Will sshuo play for me next time? Music had many different forms We can usedifferent instruments to mix and have different types of feelings Like just mj while ago, we had piano and flute Let’s have one of the music majors come up and do an example for us Sky, How about you?


The story was about high school student Sjuo, who studied in the school his father taught. You Are the Apple of My Eye On his first day, he meets Lu Xiao Yu, a pretty girl playing a mysterious piece of music.

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Bach and Vivadi Classical, there’s Mozart, Beethoven Over there we have the most famous one The changes of classical music is so slow From the beginning It’s of course also a good way for Chou to demonstrate his talents on the piano.

I said keep up, not stand up! You nenf don’t bluf on Rain anymore!

I’ll be home too soon! Then I’ll take you some place No class later? Rain, Mum should’ve believed you!

I’m just kidding Why did you battle yesterday? Yeah Don’t you have anything to say to me?

Popular Lists Related lists from users Create a list. The weather is so nice today The weather is so nice today Come here Crouch! Piano battle, don’t you know? Hide ads with VIP. Rain’s Mom Devon Song Jay stars as Jay yeah, bring back those lazy Hong Kong production days where characters share the actor’s first names, because they were working on so many movies simultaneously, it’s hard to keep track, so why not name the characters after yourself!

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