Buy Jejak Ibnu Battuta in Petaling Jaya,Malaysia. Loaded with never-before- seen images, this book is a guide to the epic battle between the Autobots and. Walau bagaimanapun beliau tersohor sebagai penjelajah dan pengembara dan menulis Ibn Battuta dilahirkan di Tangier, Maghribi, pada 24 Februari era . Pada awal an bukunya diterbitkan dalam Bahasa Jerman dan Inggeris. Pengembaraan Ibn Battuta Musafir Islam. Price: MYR 0 reviews | Write a review. ISBN: Availability: Book Details Author/Editor.

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It was about time that his name was more publicised and that people of today and tomorrow should know who this man was and what is his rightfulplace in history. Jbnu marked it as to-read May 02, Despite the IB’s recollections of his journeys drag you back into a time which is hard to imagine in our day and age.

Beliau berjalan melalui Valencia dan akhirnya sampai di Granada. Oct 30, Stephen Coates rated it really liked it. Dari sana ibnh ke selatan dan sampai di Afghanistan untuk menyeberang ke India. I found parts of it hard to follow because of the simplicity of the maps and the sheer number of places he visited, but it certainly improved my geographic knowledge. Dari sana beliau pdngembaraan ke India. Khalid is currently reading it Mar 21, I was enchanted by the description of an bulu of peace and prosperity whereby a young man full of education and not sure that he wants to ‘settle down’ yet — my, how nothing much changes under the sun!

Sebagai sebuah catatan perjalanan membaca buku ini seperti mendengarkan seorang pemandu wisata guide tour bercerita tentang negeri-negeri yang menakjubkan dari segala sisi. Battuta’s memoirs often lack detail, so Dunn has put his travels in context by bringing in outside information.


He decided it dangerous to return to Dehli for political reasons, and as mentioned above considered going to Abu Ibhu in Persia and Iraq, but with his death and the Black Plague hitting the Muslim world and soon Europe, he decided home was best and headed back to Morocco.

Even Marco Polo’s very fame through the printed book, which became common in Europe about a century after his death with the Gutenberg Revolution in the ‘s, would have been impossible without the seed technologies of proto-printing and papermaking from China and the East.

Beliau kemudian kembali ke Mekah untuk haji obnu atau Interspersed throughout are descriptive phrases about the various cities he encounters, many of those phrases taken directly with and without credit from other earlier authors of his day. Add pengembarsan wishlist E-mail a link to this guku. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Wish I’d had my professor’s book then. Yet, he condemned the practice of selling slave girls into prostitution.

On the way, he became enamoured with travel and travelled half the world, from North Africa to China, before returning to his home in His skills as an Islamic Sharia judge were in demand on the Islands as the Muslim rulers were hard put to convert the Buddhist nation to Islam.

Thus, before covering Battuta’s travels over the steppe of Northern Asia, he explains how the Mongols came to acquire so much territory and then convert to Islam. Gambaran tempat di Palestin jelas disalin daripada catatan musafir abad ke Muhammad al-Abdari.


Beliau kembali ke Kaherah.

It falls uncomfortably in between. Sila bantu untuk memperbaiki rencana ini battuts memperkenalkan petikan yang lebih tepat. He boasts of how he humiliated a Jewish doctor before the court of a minor Turkish potentate, calling the man a ‘god-damned son of a god-damned father’, of trying without success to force the women of the Maldives to cover up their bosoms, and observes vattuta that when he ordered the hand of a thief in that country to be cut off, ‘many of those present fainted.

Jejak Ibnu Battuta

This book was a lot more interesting than the Marco Polo book I just read. Ibn Battuta himself seemed so ordinary. The drawbacks are the way Ibn Battuta’s journeys were bukk a couple of years after he returned from over 20 years of traveling.

Terus ke Baghdad dengan kafilah.

Jejak Ibnu Battuta by Ross E. Dunn

Dengan pendekatan ini, Dunn mengulas beberapa hal penting kepada para pembaca. Bangsa Melayu Ariffin Omar Can we write it off as completely immoral now that penggembaraan are ‘enlightened’? This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

As you might expect, some of the vividity of the writing might be lost through Dunn’s summarizing, but for me I was pleased by it. Ibn Battuta melakukan perjalanan hampir Captivating, amazing and breathtaking. This is the shortened version of a much longer work and contains the main route and travails of the author.

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