Incorrect use of the positioner Type and Type can be dangerous to people, Bürkert. In view of the wide range of possible application cases, check . ,.nearby. environment.. The device is designed to be mounted on. Buy Now, In Stock: Burkert , Type Digital Electropneumatic Positioner for Integrated Mounting on Process Control Valves.

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TypeOperation Display.


Characteristic and step response of the D portion of 86922 PID controller Push the puck holder onto the switch spindle until it engages. TypeAdditional technical information The k value of the continuous valve should have at least the value which is calculated according to equation 1 or 2 which is appropriate to the application, however it should never be far above the calcu- lated value.

The running process is displayed and operated on the process level. TUNE function, as described below, can be manually configured. Schematic representation of position control english This chapter describes how the auxiliary functions are activated, set and configured.


Configurable auxiliary functions Hierarchical. Page 34 TypeInstallation Menu options activated or selected at the factory Menu options not activated or selected at the factory sec, Page 12 TypeDescription of System Page For this reason it is occasionally necessary to correct the course of the operating characteristic in a suitable way.

Controllers Page Page – Adjustment. Page 60 – Terminal assignment: Enter text from picture: Page – Terminating. With integrated diagnostic functions operation conditions of the control valve can be monitored.

As a result, the 4 — 20 mA standard signal fails. Page – Overview. Process actual value input only Type Input signals Process actual value X6.

TypeStart-Up Operating structure: Page – Electrical. TUNE function is running Behavior of the actuator when safety position deactivated or activated Selection SafePos off — The actuator remains in the position which corresponds to the set-point value last transferred default setting. The circuit prevents the occurrence of interference caused by signals reflected onto the data lines.

Burkert Type 8692 Electro Pneumatic Positioner

Page TypeAuxiliary functions Display. IN – Activation of the binary inp The grey part of the diagram indicates the additional function of the superimposed process control circuit 869 Type MSG menu where they can be viewed and deleted.


Page 2 We reserve the right to make technical changes without notice. ACT — Sense of effective direction of the actuating drive Use this auxiliary function to set the sense of effective direction between the aeration state burjert the actuator and the actual position POS.

TypeDescription of System Temperature range control medium Page 26 TypeDescription of System Configurable. A or control function B.

Page 14 – Combinations. The submenu options are displayed. Page 8962 TypeInstallation Move the actuator back to the rest position Turn the hand lever to the left with a screwdriver. Page – Start-up. Can be combined with. Type Electromotive process valve – 2-way globe Selection SafePos on — Approaching the safety position activated: INP high 4, 22,

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