The ASW is the most compact of all the ASW Series subwoofers. However, its powerful output belies its diminutive stature, and it can provide high-quality. Buy the compact and cute B&W ASW subwoofer from B&W online and in store now at Audio T!. Described as the most compact of the series subwoofers, I was wondering how well the B&W ASW would work with my reference.

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I was worried that I really should go get a smaller system to test the subwoofer against and that I was merely ass608 both cruel and lazy, but I’ve ended up utterly astonished at just how capable a piece of kit this is.

It’s a fine option. I ran through the 15Hz rumbles at the beginning of Gustav’s Mars, on the Telarc recording, and — stuff me with a kipper — this tiny thing created some actual room feeling, even underneath the mighty soundstage of the masterful series floorstanders. With movies I gave it some Evan Almighty B&ww and although it was less keen on the biblical deluge stuff, it made a better than fair fist at moments like sudden animal grunts.

B&W ASW608 Passiver Subwoofer

Our Verdict Small but perfectly formed, this subwoofer will pleasantly exceed your expectations. Against Limited by its size Will make complaining noises wsw608 overdriven.


Compact and solidly built box which turns in a fast, lively and punchy delivery. Small but beautifully formed Dinky this box may be, but there’s still a Watt amplifier inside this forward-firing, solidly made, sealed cabinet.

It’s not unheard of for comparatively small boxes to pump out fairly asa608 amounts of bass, but producing really low bass notes usually requires a large driver to move large amounts of air. The rear controls are minor but well thought out, with a choice of EQ curves preset by switches and the usual phase, gain and crossover point controls.

There are also two EQ settings — usually nominally for music and movies — and low-pass filter frequency settings. There are undoubtedly shortcomings where deep basslines are concerned, but if it’s a compact, solidly built box that you’re after, this remains a fine option.

Unsurprisingly, considering its provenance, this is also a rather natty-looking design, and it comes complete with lots of tweaking potential. So we’re interested to see how the ‘ fares. Rise of the Lycans provides plenty of opportunities for the sub to stretch its muscles, and the ASW turns in a fast, lively and punchy delivery. Sure enough, the relatively small driver does fall a little short compared with others when it comes to digging really deep.


Of course, something has to give at aew608 entry-level price — and you don’t get any bone-grasping bass — but the lack of compromise in terms of sheer musicality and depth of bass extension is incredible.

B&W ASW review | What Hi-Fi?

I have never, ever heard an 8in woofer do what this did. Can this sub make a similarly strong impression? Our Verdict Compact and solidly built box axw608 turns in a fast, lively and punchy delivery. Now you would never order a woofer as dinky as this and a set of main speakers as mighty as the s, but as this beastie is made with equally-rugged components, right down to the Kevlar fibres impregnating the resin and paper pulp cone, I figured it’d be okay to give it a spin. For Fast, lively and punchy.

The ASW is a fine choice of subwoofer if you’re really pushed for space. For Astonishing grip and musical low-end control for one so small Beautifully made. Against Can’t dig really deep. In the right-sized room this could be a proper musical treat as6w08 buyers more interested in accuracy than hurting the cat.

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