Below the introductory material can be found more detailed information about the Cairngorm Architecture, and a collection of Best Practices documents covering. Deprecated as of Cairngorm , replaced by IModelLocator. Marker interface used to mark the custom ModelLocator. Deprecated as of Cairngorm , replaced by nder. The Responder interface is implemented by classes that wish to handle data returned as the.

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Request for info on Snowmaking Plant Ref: The command folder is for Command classes; control is for events and FrontController ; the ModelLocator is located in the model folder; and the view folder has visual components as shown in Figures through If this application has been built using Cairngorm, each of these modules becomes dependent on the central FrontController located in the main.

Having no other choice but data binding for updating the UI may cause performance problems.

Cairngorm – Agile Enterprise Application Development with Flex [Book]

It allows separate responsibilities of developers. For example, you have to create additional event and command classes for every event that can be dispatched in your application. The Front Controller object serves as a central registry of all Cairngorm events. Details of expenses claimed from provided. To minimize the amount of manually written code, consider using Cairngen, an open source code generator for Cairngorm.

However, works were discussed in advance and monitored carefully. Financial information on shuttle bus costings Ref: Tow bases report Infrastructure report Ref: The framework design is based on singletons, which leads to tight object coupling. As such, HIE had no locus on operational issues during the period it operated, responsibility for the remaining parts lies with the operator.


Winter Line-Up at Cairngorm Mountain

EIR docu,entation for information on: With regards to the Ranger service, the Senior Ranger remained in position prior to the recruitment of a replacement whilst the number of season rangers will be kept under review. Suppose you have 10 [Bindable] String variables in the ModelLocator.

ITT redacted Procurement Ref: Stay ahead with the world’s most comprehensive technology and business learning platform. Relevant emails with redactions made to personal data. Cairngorm Baseline Survey of Habitats and Footpaths The List component the View knows about its model and is bound to it directly via its dataProvider property.

Information on the operational agreement that NR undertook when taking over Cairngorm Mountain including the daily operational criteria that HIE set out covering staffing levels, health and safety, condition and information updates.

Copy of the ITT report redacted as above provided. Request for background information on a previously released Economic Impact Assessment.

Copies of the following provided: Request for the Ski Land Area Report. Replacement of the carriers Potential upgrade of the chairlifts as per planning application to Highland Council: Documents provided Some information was with-held from the documents provided as they were considered applicable exemptions under EIR and DPA regulations. The View portion of the employee list gets updated automatically as a result of data binding. At the time of the publication of this book, the most recent application was posted in Request made regarding Cairngorm Mountain Business.

  ASTM E407 - 07 PDF

Cairngorm Mountain FOI | Highlands and Islands Enterprise

Meanwhile, keep these observations about Cairngorm in mind:. Student journalist requesting information on funding granted to Cairngorm Mountain regarding the funicular railway Information provided: Bidwells report provided with some information redacted under Section 30 c of FOISA as disclosure would likely prejudice conduct of public affairs etc. Spreadsheet detailing numbers provided by email noting HIE does not have any specific numbers on non snow sports passengers but we believe that the funicular numbers within the speadsheet separated from Cairngorm Skier days best reflects these figures.

The architectural framework Cairngorm was created by Alistair McLeod and Steven Webster while they were working at the company iteration:: Responses provided against each point as follows: What are the details of the assessment of the capital investment of the selected operator Natural Retreats which would have been carried out by HIE in this regard, prior to the award of the contract?

Even though data binding can help in writing less code, because Cairngorm enforces data binding as the only mechanism of updating the views, it makes them nonreusable. Base Rent payments do not come in to effect until With Safari, you learn the way you learn best.

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