Cancer Ward: A Novel (FSG Classics) [Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Nicholas Bethell, David Burg] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Cancer Ward [Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. BRAND NEW, Exactly same ISBN as listed, Please double check. Cancer ward [Aleksandr Isaevich Solzhenitsyn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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I enjoyed the allegorical nature of this book. Which, in fairness, the title does go a long way to dispelling any thoughts you might be harbouring on that front! From her, it sounded like that literature should be propaganda, but this debate also sounded curiously archaic – I am reminded that people used to canced debates on what literature ought to be while these days there seems to be tacit acceptance that literature can be various things.

The Cancer Ward

Another nice little cancer! If you prefer to suggest your own revision of the article, you can go to edit mode requires login.

The overarching metaphor is obvious, like the Ward patients, the nation is slowly coming to terms with the “cancer” of the Stalin era. There’s something else, subli I enjoyed the allegorical nature of this book. He subsequently developed a recurrence, received radiotherapy in Tashkent, and recovered.

To end a glum review of a dark book on a positive note: For example, the main female protagonists must go without having a alekdandr, as so many men were killed in the Great Patriotic War. Dispatched from the UK in 2 business days When will my order arrive?


It can now be read in a more universal sense – and be appreciated as a work of art with characters suffering from the human condition beyond specific local circumstances. He crafts a single narrative weaving in the various roles and what their motives are so we end up with a complete tapestry of what makes up humanity when facing our own natural mortality.

This novel is at once both a metaphorical critique of Soviet Russia as well as There’s something sobering about this novel.

Cancer Ward

This book as a whole is even more amazing. Thank you for your feedback. As though there is nowhere for these varied men to go, nothing for them to hope for, their robust arms, stomachs, legs all wasting away to nothingness.

It is like living on the pretense of no tomorrow, exhausting the earth’s resources for selfish reasons. What is a pessimist?

Cancer Ward by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

View all 11 comments. Solzhenitsyn’s keen observational skills of what makes us human is on full display in this book when he shifts seamlessly from point of view to point of view. Don’t mistake me, though. Of course the disease is supposed to symbolise how the Soviet Union breaks down from within its own structure, not through force from the outside, and the caancer are carefully chosen to illustrate the complete disaster, among party faithful, successful career politicians or dissenters, among carefree or conscientious, young or old people.

Around solzehnitsyn Year i I was slow to pick this one up, “After all,” I thought, “how interesting can a book be about a ward full of cancer patients? The novel makes many allegorical references to the state of Soviet Russia, in particular the quote from Kostoglotov: I find Solzhenitsyn’s writing has something in common with American Southern Gothic.


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Writer and literary critic Jeffrey Meyers writes that the novel is the “most complete and accurate fictional account of the nature of disease and its relation to love. His books do not depress me, I find them powerful and hopeful documents to the strength of the human spirit. Solzhenitsyn was born into a family of Cossack intellectuals and brought up primarily by his mother his father cxncer killed in an accident canncer his birth.

I wanted to impress him, and I was reading tons of big books at the time, so I thought, “Why not Cancer Ward? Hell, I can’t even get past my anger at the pedestrian that hits the walk sign and then proceeds to cross without waiting. Particularly hat of Dontsova with whom I deeply identified, who fights a disease in others regardless of cost; but is humbled by that self- same illness. Charles Dickens, English novelist, generally considered the greatest of the Victorian era.

He thinks of the monkey at the zoo that has been blinded by a man who threw tobacco at its eyes.

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