Liber Null and Psychonaut has ratings and 69 reviews. Michael Postulating the subjective existence of each individual’s ego, Peter J. Carroll offers up an. LIBER NULL PETER J. CARROLL With Illustrations by Andrew David To all who helped keep Liber Null in print and produced a limited edition of Psychonaut . The Homepage of Peter J Carroll. A Site about Three Dimensional Time. Hypersphere Cosmology and more.

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With retirement from the distracting task of making a moderate fortune, a little more time has become available to concentrate on other significant quests: Herewith Hypersphere Cosmology 3. It has facets for the major archetypes of the Epoch Chaobala, a cubic pommel for the Classical Elements surmounted by a pyramid for Aether, a central Octagonal section for the Octaris with numbered god forms, and a Pentagonal point for the Elder Gods of the Cthulhu Mythos.

Handcarved from a bar of solid element 13 Aluminium, dedicated to Ouranos. Stable up to over 0 C it should survive even the most challenging conjurations. Can we still find some use and meaning in them? A Forum where participants can present their own and the methods they use to solve them magically.

This provides a forum for feedback and suggestions, and secondly will provide an archive of case histories of strategies and tactics that did and did not work. A Practical Magic course: A Magical Theory and Practise course: Starting January, with special contributions from Frater Hannes of Austria.

Square Rigger Chess models the manoeuvre and combat of square rigged naval ships of the Napoleonic period. No element of chance enters into this system, the results depend entirely on player skill and the chosen starting conditions, to this extent it functions as a chess-like game.

This modelling system depends on several simplifications for game play: The division of sea areas into squares. The orientation of all ships and firepower and wind direction, in just 8 possible directions. The characterisation of ships by just 3 factors, Firepower, Speed, and Turning ability.

F, S, and T. In attack a ship may allocate its firepower factor in any directions preferred up to the maximum of its firepower as shown in the Fire chart following: For example, a 2 Nd Rater with a firepower of 4 could direct all its firepower of 4 in a starboard right or port left broadside, but not both. In combat the attacker assigns firepower factors to chosen directions first.

Liber Null & Psychonaut: An Introduction to Chaos Magic – Peter J. Carroll – Google Books

The effect of attacking firepower falls off with distance, by 1 per every square after the immediately adjacent square effect shown below. See the Distance Fire Chart later. Ships defending against Fire use their Firepower factor in the same way, assigning part or all of it to various directions to try to cancel the effects of incoming fire, however it does not decrease with distance. This curious seeming rule reflects the fact that the vulnerability of ships rose in precisely those directions where they could use the least of their firepower.

Liber Null and Psychonaut: An Introduction to Chaos Magic

In a player turn ships may move one square forward for every Speed factor they have and may turn 45 degrees one eighth of a full circle for every Pychonaut factor they have.

The chart below shows what manoeuvres a 3 rd Rater with a Speed of 2 and a Turn of 2 can do in a move with mainly starboard turns. The nimble 3 rd Rater pyschonaut on square 1, its initial position shown in black.

It can end its move in any of the positions shown by red ships by using some or all of its 2 Speed and 2 Turn capabilities. Note that it could also use turns to port instead of starboard to end up in the positions and orientations shown by the white ships and that it could also make other orientations on squares 4 or 7 using turns to port.


The heavier ships have less manoeuvrability than a 3 rd Rater, and manoeuvrability declines as ships take Hits see damage chart.

Wind direction and intensity also affect manoeuvrability see wind rules and chart. As above but these monsters with 84 guns do manoeuvre slightly better. These faster and more manoeuvrable gun warships serve as the main workhorses of the line of battle.

These fast and highly manoeuvrable gun warships can bring vital extra fire support when heavier ships engage. Firepower has its greatest effect into adjacent squares, but ships may also use their firepower at greater distances. Basically, subtract one from the effect of assigned firepower for each additional square. Thus, if the vessel below has a firepower of 4 and assigns it all to a starboard broadside that broadside can only have an effect of 3 on any one square marked X, or 2 on any one square marked Y.

Ships on the same side must leave at least one empty square orthogonally or diagonally between themselves when ending their player moves. This rule may seem slightly unrealistic, although friendly ships did try to keep at least a ships length between themselves.

Ships on opposite sides can occupy adjacent squares, and they will often do so to disrupt enemy formations and to direct the fire of several ships to a single target. The above chart shows a flotilla of red ships engaging a flotilla of blue ships. Note that whilst several ships from either side have moved to squares adjacent to enemy ships, no two ships on the same side lie orthogonally or diagonally adjacent to each other.

Specularium – Peter J. Carroll

The non-adjacency rule does not apply inside of harbours, friendly ships may moor and manoeuvre alongside psychonaht othear, ships may also lay adjacent to friendly ships that have struck their colours. As ships take Hits, their Firepower, Speed, and Turning abilities decline as shown on the following chart.

Players should place damage psychonautt on their ship markers as appropriate to show their status. Players set the wind direction and crroll before play, the wind can come from any one of 8 directions. Players may also make some provision for a change of wind during the game if desired.

Moderate Wind simply prevents movement directly into the wind square riggers could not do thishowever they can turn into the wind and then turn to pdychonaut degrees to the wind and effectively tack in a zig zag in a generally windward direction. Stronger winds also deny movement directly into the wind and additionally allow for greater psychonayt with the wind as shown in the chart below. The numbers on the squares represent the number of squares a ship can move in that direction for the expenditure of a single speed point.

Ships can move twice as far with a following stronger wind. General notes on cwrroll and tactics. Players should practice with small numbers of ships at first. Larger flotillas and fleets may require the command of several Psycjonaut or Admirals each in charge of a squadron, as coordinating the movement and fire of many ships becomes a challenging task. Scenarios can include convoy interception see note on transports and merchant shipschasing down and capture of slow enemy heavy ships by more numerous lighter ships, harbour blockades and attempted breakouts, and fleet battles for naval supremacy.

Transports and Merchant Ships usually effectively consist of unarmed versions of naval ships, with the heavier ones having less speed and manoeuvrability. They take damage and strike colours in the same fashion. Play takes place by alternate moves.

In each player move players may move all their ships in any order so long as the final positions of their ships does not break the non-adjacency rule. Attacker and defender carrpll both assign firepower in exchanges of fire, calculate Hits and place damage markers. The following 2 charts show for extra clarity, firstly the effects of fire from diagonally orientated ships, and secondly the effects of stronger wind from diagonal directions.


These defend harbours and effectively act like static ships with high firepower. They should have precisely designated fields of fire. They take firepower damage in the same way as ships. Note that Frigates begin with no ability to fire directly forward from their bows, or directly backwards from their sterns, and no defence against fire from these directions either. Theoretically negative values for defensive firepower do not invite extra damage hits, negative values simply count as zero.

Arcanorium College announces its program for Semsters 6 and 7. Imagine that you wished to establish a magical order so that people could come together to practise and explore a new type of. After a hard days slaving over esoteric and scientific texts in search of the secrets and equations of the universe I sometimes like to do. The local yobbery has a. I remain unconvinced by the possible sniff of the Higgs at Cern. Friday evening and I arrive at a secret location and meet people whose identities I have oathed not to reveal, for a semi-surprise.

Back to school and college for many of us now that we get to the end of the holiday season, you can almost feel the.

Peter J. Carroll

Happy nine hundred and fiftieth birthday Dr Who. Nobody really wants UKIP local councillors as such. Having recieved initiation into the most august of western esotericism’s linneages on my birthday at full moon in the year of my second saturn return.

I note with great joy the enormously deserved death of the News of the World ‘newspaper’. Gerald Suster he was a friend and colleague. Animageos – the visual equivalent of anonymous, pronounced An-imar-gusand meaning not having your image in the public domain, rather like Banksy. Saturday and off to Glastonbury for the Book of Baphomet book launch. Decided to go a bit early and inspect glasto itself, it has rather. If particles have electric charges they always exhibit a charge.

Plenty of good cheer this week, married off my eldest daughter to a fine scotsman, dog bit my sporran mistaking it for a badger, it. The British riots have come and gone for the moment, and at last the politicians and the media have tired of punditry and explanationism and. Arcanorium College The Epoch.

Various Stuff With retirement from the psychohaut task of making a moderate fortune, a little more time has become available to cardoll on other significant quests: Subscribe to this RSS feed.

Square Rigger Chess Square Rigger Chess models the manoeuvre and combat of square rigged naval psychojaut of the Napoleonic period. Default Title Date Random. Incidentally there seems no connection whatever between the Greek …. Organised Chaos Imagine that you wished to establish a magical order so that people could come together to practise and explore a new type of ….

Firstly a number of interesting items psychonaug some of my friends and colleagues: A rollicking tale of …. After a hard days slaving over esoteric and scientific texts in search of the secrets and equations of the universe I sometimes like to do …. The local yobbery has a ….

A brief essay on the origins of some carropl esoteric ideas. Over a recent lunch, Professor Ronald Hutton surmised to me that H. Friday evening and I arrive at a secret location and meet people whose identities I have oathed not to reveal, for a semi-surprise ….

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