home decoration and furniture, that began manufacturing in Spain 49 years . SCHULLER, S.L., is a leading firm in lamps and light-fittings, home decoration and furniture, that began manufacturing . SCHULLER, S.L., is a leading firm in lamps and light-fittings, home We offer more than lighting items, among lamps, table lamps, floor lamps or wall.

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What collections are we recommending for this summer? There, we presented new product lines which were….

Co-tsu-su, might, black, cold. Ka-ca-koi-cai-tsa-ka, cattalogo ta, sa, fish and so on. Pathology, sickness and so on. Fragment of Betoye Glossary. Vocabulary organized by root. At Schuller, we work…. Published in Rio de Janeiro. Index included in Box L. Vocabulary cards with bibliographic information. Looking back, we remember how….


Geographical names, mostly of the Choco languages of central and western Colombia. Is, to see, sight, eagle, bird, and so forth.

He served on the faculty of the National University in Mexico City. En, tsen, kill, mountain. Materials taken from Stoll, Rockstroh, Sapper, and so forth, each sheet dedicated to a particular word man, woman, etc. Notes on the linguistic map of El Salvador, C. Ki-si-ci-tsi, hot, sun, fire, tree, forest, etc.

Rodolfo R. Schuller Papers,ca. 1925-1932.

Folders with reprints of Schuller’s scientific papers and others, partially annotated by Schuller. Light and design at Feria Habitat with Schuller. Facsimile of the Pineda Map of America, Notes on the relationship of the Xinca language of Guatemala to Maya-K’ice.

Native poetry of South America including Bolivia. At, ata, had, hot, sun, tree, wood, house.

Eu, teu cold; ras, fresh green etc. Schhller of Karth Glossary from Upper Orinoco. Ko, ok, ku, tso, ots, uk, yo, kuk, xu, so, su, to, tu. Boletim do Museu Goeldi, vol. Relacion del Alto Orinoco.


SCHULLER, S.L. – Furniture

Notebook titled Medidas Pesos Moneda with inserts. A large collection of his ethnological studies and photographs were acquired by Tulane University, in the s shortly after Schuller moved to New Orleans.

Guia de Agrimensores o sea Recopilacion de Catslogo Agrarias.

Notes on the Tzotzil language of Chiapas. List of contents of folios of unidentified schulle. Palino, Celstino Vocabulario Totonaco. Mul-pul, to congregate round. Bak-pak, hard, bone, puak-poka. Ke, to, ye-he, ki, ti, yi.

Grammar and vocabulary from Moran, Francisco. Extract of the Doctrina Christiana in the Mexican Indian language.

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