Cattell, R. B. (). Theory of fluid and crystallized intelligence: A critical experiment. Journal of Educational Psychology, 54(1), /. Crystallized Intelligence: Examples & Definition . These two tasks illustrate two different types of intelligence proposed by Raymond Cattell known as ‘fluid Psychology has offered many theories about intelligence over the. Charles Spearman’s noted student Raymond Cattell expanded on Spearman’s theory of a unified g and explored the difference between two independent but.

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Hebb’s dissatisfaction with the use of intelligence tests for studying brain injured patients After completing his PhD at Harvard with Karl Lashley inHebb obtained a research position at the Montreal Neurological Institute with Wilder Penfield. By contrast, the other is invested in particular areas of crystallized skills catttell can be upset individually without affecting the others.

A New Morality from Science: Since Cattell’s and Horn’s publications, the concepts of fluid and crystallized intelligence have become so ingrained in the field of intelligence that they are no longer routinely attributed to Cattell or Horn—much as Cattell’s scree plot became ingrained in the practice of factor analysis or Freud’s concept of the subconscious is ingrained in psychology and czttell the public’s perceptions of the mind. The Binet-Simon intelligence scale and its modifications such as the Stanford-Binet scale were ceystallized most commonly used tests of intelligence in the ‘s Pintner,but the Wechsler-Bellevue intelligence scale, published in Wechsler, introduced a number of innovations in intelligence testing including a test more suitable for measuring intelligence in adults rather than children; the inclusion of both verbal and performance measures of intelligence; ingelligence the omission of memory tests Boake, Cattell’s presentation at the APA Meeting was a factor analysis of the concept of socioeconomic social status Cattell, b.

Cattell’s contributions to the theory of cognitive abilities. The reviewer RK declared a shared affiliation, though no other collaboration, with the author RB to the handling Editor, rluid ensured that the process nevertheless met the standards of a fair and objective review.


Fluid and Crystallized Intelligence. Actually, the hypothesis was formulated and discussed in detail in the original MS, and I discussed this with you and Crook on Thursday evening.

Early implementation of numerical solution aids”.

Humphrey obviously showed Cattell’s letter to Hebb, who wrote a long reply, outlining his discussion with Cattell in Evanston on 4 September,reviewing the contents of his APA lecture and making reference to his paper in press Hebb, Evolution of brain, cognition, and general intelligence. The hteory scales used were influenced by the work of Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon with the publication of the first Binet-Simon scale in Binet and Simon, Hebb,p. As I read your MS, the hypothesis is presented as new, with a new interpretation of adult intelligence.

A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Study”. Intelligehce culture-free intelligence test I. Later, Hebb’s students began to examine the effects of environmental enrichment and deprivation on measures of intelligence in dogs Thompson and Heron, On 23 SeptemberHebb replied to Cattell and said:. From tohe tested patients who had surgery of the temporal or frontal lobes to eradicate their epileptic seizures. Rhian Gunn and Aimee Wong helped in the writing of this paper.

Some researchers have linked the theory of fluid and crystallized intelligence to Piaget ‘s conception crsytallized operative intelligence and learning.

Like fluid ability’s relation to crystallized intelligence, Piaget’s operativity is considered to be prior to, and ultimately provides the foundation for, everyday learning. Hebb’s third source of evidence fitted in beautifully with these and completed the picture, but two thirds of the picture was already there. In a controversial study, Susanne M. I hope my article now makes it perfectly clear that all the physio-psychological structure in the argument is due to you.

Fluid and crystallized intelligence – Wikipedia

What may have led to mis-understanding is that in talking to you and Crook I went into the whole thesis of the longer MS that was prepared for publication, but in 15 min at the APA could only touch on the general outline and then deal with the changes of aand. But with disease or brain injury, there may be a dissociation of abilities.


This was the first time that Hebb had shown differences in the results of language-based and language-independent tests of intelligence. This statement shows the beginning of Hebb’s theory of multiple memory systems, a theory which was decisively proven by the studies on patient H. In no case did it appear that IQ was reduced after surgery. A direct intellectual power, by neural maturation, and B the development of qualitative modifications of perception and behavior.

Hebb sent the typed version of his APA talk to Cattell. Check out our quiz-page with tests about:. These theories of intelligence and the many tests developed by Cattell during his academic career were, unbeknownst to many in the field, used as an important source of empirical support for his radical socio-religious beliefs.

No use, distribution or reproduction is permitted which does not comply with these terms.

Fluid and crystallized intelligence

The author declares that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest. Crystallized intelligence is indicated by a person’s depth and breadth of general knowledge, vocabulary, and the ability to reason using words and numbers. He continued to say that: This experiment showed that measures of intelligence could be altered significantly by environmental experience, and was the first experimental evidence that intelligence A and B could be dissociated.

Fluif theory of fluid and crystallized intelligence therefore, should be called the Hebb-Cattell Theory. In this paper he made six points. Introduction In the s and early s, both Raymond B.

This is evidenced by the fact that brain injuries affect Gf more than Gc. Fluid and crystallized intelligence are thus correlated with each other, and most IQ tests attempt to measure both varieties.

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