La Cenerentola, ossia La bontà in trionfo (Cinderella, or Goodness Triumphant) is an operatic dramma giocoso in two acts by Gioachino Rossini. The libretto. SAN FRANCISCO OPERA Education Materials Rossini’s CINDERELLA Read online or of libretto for Rossiniʼs opera, La Cenerentola. Gioachino Rossini. La Cenerentola. Libretto by Libretto by Jacopo Ferretti, based on the story Cendrillon by Charles Perrault. World premiere: Rome, Teatro.

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When Ramiro threatens Cenerentola’s recalcitrant family, she asks him to forgive them. At the first performance, the opera was received with some hostility, [1] but it soon became popular throughout Italy and beyond; it reached Lisbon in[2] London in and New York in La Cenerentola premiered on Jan.

Don Magnifico becomes highly indignant, and unleashes his anger in a rousing duo. Everyone is familiar with the story of Cinderella, immortalised by Charles Perrault and the brothers Grimm. The Barber of Seville film.

There is certainly some magic in that!

La Cenerentola – Libretto

Cenerentola’s stepfather, Don Magnifico, hopes to use this as an opportunity to save his own failing fortune. Retrieved 14 December Rossini biographical film Rossini! A Modern Cinderella Tale Cinderella At this, Rossini roused himself sufficiently to challenge Ferretti on whether he dared write a libretto for the tale; Ferretti retorted with a dare for Rossini to clothe it in music. He finished the libretto in twenty-two days of breakneck work, and Rossini completed the score in an equally hectic twenty-four days.

Nonetheless, the collaboration between composer and cenersntola got no easier, and Ferretti wrote only one more libretto for Rossini, the Matilde di Shabranin Connect Connect to your account.

Finally, the “prince” arrives — the real valet, Dandini, who has taken his master’s place – and Magnifico, Clorinda, and Tisbe fall over themselves to flatter him. There is no fairy, pumpkin or glass slipper! Ferretti replied, “despite my tiredness, tomorrow morning! The lovers are reunited and goodness triumphs. Of his three daughters, Clorinda, Tisbe and Angelina La Cenerentolawhich one is the most beautiful and kind?


This drama giocoso, whose full title is Cinderella or Goodness Triumphantfocuses on the adventures of Angelina, a frail and brilliant heroin for whom Rossini has reserved his most tender melodies, deliciously interwoven with those of Prince Ramiro.

La Cenerentola – La Cenerentola

Yet this is not quite the story of La Cenerentola, even though Jacopo Ferretti was inspired by it when he wrote the libretto. Everyone present acknowledges that she truly is worthy of the throne.

The characters of Clorinda and Tisbe contrast with Angelina, who is the epitome of human kindness. A furious Magnifico and his daughters return home, where they order Cenerentola, back in rags, to serve them. The opera was first performed in Rome’s Teatro Valle on 25 January Wikimedia Commons has media related to La Cenerentola.

The supernatural elements that traditionally characterize the Cinderella story were removed from the libretto, simply for ease of staging. Mi credea ” and the chorus ” Ah, della bella incognita “. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

When the room is empty, Ramiro enters alone, disguised as a valet. Ferretti, despite harboring some ill-will against Rossini the maestro had refused a libretto of his for The Barber of Sevillenonetheless met with the composer and the impresario Cartoni and agreed to join the project.

La Cenerentola

Act 1 Angelina cenerehtola La Cenerentola cenerejtola mistreated by her two sisters, Clorinda and Tisbe – as their father, Don Magnifico, looks on in approbation. A Twist in Time This page was last edited on 15 Decemberat In this variation of the fairy tale, the wicked stepmother is replaced by a stepfatherDon Magnifico. An existing libretto, Francesca di Foix, had unexpectedly been vetoed by the papal censor, leaving no time to amend the text so that it might satisfy all parties involved censorshipimpresarioand authors.


Ferretti worked through the night and had the first parts of the work ready as promised in the morning. She reflects on the misfortune to which she was roossini and the sudden reversal of her fate, then forgives her family for all her past unhappiness, adding that her days of sitting sadly by the fire are over “Nacqui ceerentola The “beggar” – in fact, his tutor, Alidoro – has informed him of a goodhearted young woman spotted here.

Cendrillon by Charles Perrault.

La Cenerentola – Wikipedia

Ramiro and Dandini enter the house — but they are no longer disguised as each other. Angelina, known to her stepfather and stepsisters as “Cenerentola,” is forced to serve as the maid in her own home. Angelina is back at the house, tending the fire, singing a melancholy ballad. Messa di Gloria Stabat materPetite messe solennelle Cinderella by Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm. Retrieved from ” https: Dramma giocoso by Gioachino Rossini.

He invites the family to a ball that evening, where he plans to find his bride; Cenerentola asks to join them, but Magnifico refuses Quintet: Throughout most of the 19th century, its popularity rivalled that of Barberbut as the coloratura contraltofor which the leading role was originally written, became rare, it fell slowly out of the repertoire.

Everyone is shocked by this unexpected turn of events…and expresses their amazement in a surreal sextet: The genesis of this work – librehto literary and musical aspects were both created with surprising speed — deserves to be told, according to the account given by librettist Jacopo Ferretti. Views Read Edit View history.

The opera is now considered a staple of the standard repertoire. Decca Grand Opera series Cat:

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