Now she wanders New York, freed from the chains of heroin addiction but longing still for her lover’s kiss, the taste of blood on his lips, the echo of his thoughts in. Results 1 – 12 of 12 Search results for “christopher buecheler” at Rakuten Kobo. Read free previews Blood Hunt ebook by Christopher Buecheler · Blood Hunt. Christopher Buecheler. Series By Christopher Buecheler; Books By Christopher Buecheler. Most Popular Books Blood Hunt: Part 2 of the II AM Trilogy. #2.

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Her life changes first when she meets a man — Amun Sa — with whom she falls in love, and second when she meets a deadly creature in the reeds, who bestows upon her both the gift and curse of immortality.

Blood Hunt

With the Children of the Sun, the militaristic cult of vampire hunters, in a period of apparent dormancy, the vampires of North America have enjoyed a time of relative peace. Amun Sa and the Girl from the Desert.

I immediately sought out Buecheler’s website so I could see when the sequel to Blood would debut and was dismayed to find out that Buecheler was taking his sweet time with the next installment. Because you’ll be chirstopher in Two’s story, in the unfairness of life, in your own conflicting feelings.


Martin Trujo was born after the war. Want to Buechelr saving…. I love this series. She has no choice but to flee from her old life and travels across Texas.

Writing | Christopher Buecheler – Web, Writing, Cocktails and More

But, niggles aside, I can’t wait for the final book in the trilogy – I particularly want to see Naomi and Sasha find some happiness, and find Rhes, Sarah, Molly and Jakob entertaining too. The Broken God Machine. At first this bothered me, but once I started reading and saw how the parts eventually wove together, I realized it was actually a very effective way to approach the scenes.

Two words have been seared into her brain: There are other vampires out there; she knows it, and so she hunts. Whether you liked the character or hated them, they helped make the story what it was. As I stated in the beginning, Blood Hunt was worth the wait. Sep 02, Keren Hughes rated it it was amazing Shelves: Elixir His country is shattered.

Blood Hunt | The II AM Trilogy – Urban Fantasy by Christopher Buecheler

See 1 question about Blood Hunt…. Bloid loved this book. That being said, I really really liked this one too. Haven’t we seen the wimpy, clingy female vampire before?

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Someone else commented that the story was a good balance of fantasy it is a vampire story after all! Dark, violent, and sensual, but buoyed by themes of hope, perseverance, and survival, the books have captured the imaginations of tens of thousands of readers around the world. But back to Blood Hunt.


Jun 19, Rosezetta rated it liked it Shelves: I am now looking forward to the 3rd one – which hopefully will get Tori back into blodo picture a bit more. Some girls go to college after graduating high school.

Two Majors has spent the years focusing on training with body and sword, and on rebuilding It was not overly done, but still annoyed me at times. But who knows, maybe I will be surprised like I was in this one. Two how ever is trying to get back to where she thinks she Belongs, that’s how she meets her two new frie Wow good book. I very much look forward to the next book and seeing what directions all these beautiful characters are going in.

Sarah’s contribution to the captives finding their way out of the Burilgi mess? This collection includes The Blood That Bonds Buecheler, I’m going to be keeping an eye on you on Twitter. Morgan embarks upon a new life as a monster hunter, but there is a problem:

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