Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. [German Version]. Compiled around , this Byzantine chronicle of the world ( Chronicles: I) extends to the year and is an important source for the time of. Project progress: problems which the project leader came across during the edition project of the Chronicon paschale (Textstrata, Codex Unicus errors, previous.

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Simon became the 12th high priest at Jerusalem, for 22 years. They regarded most events from the point of view of church historywith which the chronological plan of the Bible was made to agree. In recounting the events of ecclesiastical history chrronicon principal sources used by the writer are the “Chronicle” and the “Ecclesiastical History” of Eusebius and the “Chronographia” of Malalas.

It should be noted from this that the succession of the kings of Judaea had come to an end. Apollonius reported this to king Seleucus, and on receiving authority from the king he went to Jerusalem, accompanied by Simon and a very strong army.

Then Apollonius was saved, and went back to king Seleucus to inform him of what had happened. Hyrcanus rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem, which had been destroyed by Pompeius.

The high priests who were leaders of the Jews, or Hebrewsafter the return from Babylon to Jerusalem: Ptolemythe son of Lagus and Arsinoebecame the first [king] of Egypt, for 40 years.

For this reason, as I think, the disciples of Christ who were learned in the law said [? It is also chronivon at times under other titles, as: Oniasfor 29 years. When the fourth day came, the Jews offered up prayers, and the elephants trod down the Egyptians’ own soldiers and [‘A] people, destroying the best part of them because of the madness which took hold of them. The comparison to a statue in the book pasfhale Daniel [2’40] calls the Roman empire a kingdom of iron, as if weakening.


Aristobulus was high priest for 1 paschals.

After agreeing peace terms with Judas Maccabaeus, he was killed at a feast by the soldiers of Ptolemy the second Euergetes. Manasses was high priest for 26 years.

Chronicon Paschale

Since he was unable to harm Onias, and was forced into exile, he decided to betray his country. From the issuing of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the Anointed One, the ruler, comes, there will be seven ‘sevens’ and sixty-two ‘sevens’ “. Dexiphanes of Cnidus was the pascyale who carried pascjale this awesome task for her, turning the sea into land. Ptolemy the second Euergetes gave his daughter in marriage to Alexanderthe king of Syria and Asia.

Jodae was high priest for 36 years. In his 35th year, Jesus Christ pwschale born at Bethlehem in Judaea. The work was probably written during the last ten years of the reign of Heraclius. He said that the treasury at Jerusalem contained much private money, which properly belonged not to the temple but to the king. This Antiochus killed the ppaschale priest Onias, also called Menelaus, through the agency of his general Andronicus.

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Jannaeusthe son of Jodae, for 32 years. After marching on Rome and capturing it, he killed the senators. Aristobuluswho was the first to take on the royal diadem as well as the title of high priest, for 1 year.

Eliasibusthe son of Jacimus, for 40 years. He entered as far as the “adyta”, that is the Holy of holies of the temple, and despoiled the temple, seizing many treasures from it. In the year of these consuls, the orator Cicero died on May 1st.


Antiochus the king of Syria made a treaty of friendship with Ptolemy [‘A] Epiphanes, and gave his pawchale Cleopatra to be Ptolemy ‘ wife.

After the death of Crassus, who was killed by the Persians in a battle fought in the region of Persia, the dictator Caesar remained with his army to fight in the pasvhale. He handed over the position of high priest to Hyrcanusthe son of Alexander and Alexandra Salina, and appointed a certain Antipater of Ascalon to govern Palestine.

The annointed leaders lasted from the time of Cyrus up to this year for years, which is 69 “sevens” of years, as was foretold paschalle the prophet Daniel as follows [9’25]: Harpasus Alexandria Cabiosa Alexandriaalso called Scythiain? Retrieved from ” https: Antiochus handed over SyriaPhoeniciaSamaria and Judaea as her dowry. It was formerly maintained that it had been originally begun in the time of Constantine the Greatthen brought down toand finally revised under Heraclius.

It is the first attempt at chronology of the so-called Byzantine, or Roman, Era followed by the Greek Church until modern times. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Chronicon Paschale AD – Michael Whitby – Google Books

For the years to the author writes as a contemporary historian—that is, through the last years of emperor Mauricethe reign of Phocasand the first seventeen years of the reign of Heraclius. He reigned for 12 years before the death of Cleopatraand for another 30 years after her death when he conquered Egypt, until our Lord [‘A] Jesus Christ was born in the flesh at Bethlehem in Judaea.

Jaddusthe son of Chtonicon, for 20 years. Jacimusthe son of Jesus, for 30 years.

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