Bibliography: ČIHÁK, Radomír. Anatomie 3. vyd. 1. ISBN DAUBER, Wolfgang. Feneisův obrazový slovník anatomie. vyd. 3. české. leden Anatomie 3: Třetí, upravené a doplněné vydání – Ebook written by Čihák Radomír . Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC. Anatomie: Splanchnologia, 2 [Radomir Cihak] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Working with the Program The program is optimized for all browsers; Javascript must be enabled; recommended screen resolution is xideally using the full screen mode F11 key. If the nomenclature uses two terms, they are separated by a semi-colon. The program is intended predominantly for 2nd year students of General Medicine and 1st year students of Dentistry, Clinical Kinesiology and Kinesiotherapy, and Physiotherapy, studying the subject of Anatomy.

When moving the mouse across the name of the particular section, the corresponding number on the image or anatomiie turns red; when clicking on anatonie name, it turns blue and the description of the section appears.


The bar on the left facilitates selection of the chapter; once selected, sub-chapters and other selection options expand. To select terms alphabetically, press: Italics denote structures that complement basic information or structures that are specified in the particular chapter only in order to help with orientation of the slide.

Holibka were used in the program. From any level of view it is possible to select the Czech or English version by pressing: Upon the basic selection of an image or chapter, the description of individual photos and the chapter introductions appear. Older students will find the program useful for revision of neuroanatomy when studying neurophysiology, neuropathology, and clinical fields.

Textbook of Human Neuroanatomy. Its goal is an overall presentation of basic information concerning the structure and function of the central nervous system while using a complex of schematic drawings, corresponding photos, and concise texts.

Other views cihwk switching between various representations that are available for the particular structure: Clinical Neuroanatomy, 6th editon.

The Human Brain in Photographs and Diagrams. Nervous System and SensoryOrgans.

Anatomie člověka

Diagrams from textbook CNS lecture notes by prof. Usually, we did not state a duplicate term based on two possibilities of identifying the direction e. The following abbreviations are used in the text: Arrows serve to proceed step by step in the teaching mode: An Atlas of structures, Sectiones, and System. In dihak teaching mode, the right bar contains Latin names of the structures in the English versions there are English terms.


Anatomie člověka – Wikipedie

Featuring level differentiation, the selection path snatomie on the bar for further selection or for return to the higher level: Eponyms or generally accepted terms that are not included in the nomenclature are stated in brackets. Numbers in the image or photo respond similarly.

On the upper bar on the right there is the structure description.

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