It’s time for, The Most Obnoxious Clapotis in the World. And it’s finished! In this post I just wanted to give some hints and tips for a few people. I’ve had a number of requests for my Clapotis Spreadsheet excel file. I can see what an incredible Clapotis you have added to the universe!. (from ) French women are known for wearing scarves. Starting in September and until summer arrives, this is a most important accessory.

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Jumping in with a big Yes Yes Yes! It worked well for me, but YMMV.

Where is the Clapotis chart/spreadsheet?

It’s a fun wrap. If I do this again, I’ll try doing the mirrored twists. The one-sided twist didn’t look quite right to me.

Thanks spreadshset much for posting this!

I have been looking for the spreadsheet and am excited to get started! Tuesday, March 22, Getting Ready for the Clapotis. We’re hearing lots of interest in our next KAL, the Clapotis – the more the merrier Remember we’re casting on this Friday at 2pm at the shop – this is a suggested start time Hopefully by now you’ve selected your yarn if not, check out this post for suggestions, or come by the shop and we’ll be happy to help!


Collaboration vs. Competition (and Clapotis Tips Too)

You might’ve visited Knitty to print out the pattern. But no worries if you haven’t!

When I knit my second Clapotis, I didn’t even use the pattern. I cannot recommend it highly enough! One thing about the spreadsheet is that it’s just words and numbers.

Where is the Clapotis chart/spreadsheet? | Kate Gilbert Designs

The actual pattern has a schematic This shows the finished dimensions 21 inches wide and 55 inches long and illustrates the unique construction – it’s knit from the lower left corner to the upper right corner, making a parallogram.

Ok, so you have yarn, needles and the pattern. Wendy found a great blog post that describes a way to swatch so you can try out the dropped calpotis and make sure you like the drape of your fabric. The past two times I knit this, I followed the pattern and twisted the stitches on the knit side only, twisting in the same direction by knitting through the back loop.


I didn’t have any issue with the results. But when I clapotiw for this project following the great blog post’s instructionsI tried out the mirrored twist. See what you think.

Clapotis Spreadsheets | Knitting | Pinterest | Knitting, Knit Crochet and Crochet

Me, I think I like it please note that I used the mirror twist on the left side of the dropped stitch – like column 2 in her example. I am planning a scarf-sized Clapotis – narrower and longer than the pattern schematic.

I’m sure I have enough yarn to do this, but I’m going to get into the pattern and work a few of the increase sections before I decide what modifications if any I’ll make.

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