Clytia hemisphaerica, a member of the early-branching animal phylum Cnidaria, is emerging rapidly as an experimental model for studies in developmental. Full Name, Clytia hemisphaerica. Genus, Clytia. Species, hemisphaerica. Common Name, Jellyfish. Abbreviation, C. hemisphaerica. Trends Genet. Apr;26(4) doi: / Clytia hemisphaerica: a jellyfish cousin joins the laboratory. Houliston E(1), Momose T, .

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Certain polyps specialize in reproduction, budding off baby jellyfish. Clytia A Laboratory Favorite. With a full genome sequence soon to become available, and a clear potential for genetic approaches, Clytia is well placed to provide invaluable information on core mechanisms in cell and developmental biology, and on the evolution of key features of animal body plans. Campanularia acuta Stechow, synonym.

Colour Colouration varied, marginal tentacle bases and stomach yellowish, yellow brown, reddish brown, greenish or purple; gonads yellowish. Clytia grayi Nutting, syonym. The webpage text is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.

Clytia hemisphaerica jellyfish The jellyfish Clytia hemisphaerica is part of a group located outside of the bilaterians, cnidarians, and plays an important role in marine ecosystems. Campanularia gegenbauri Sars, synonym.

Phialidium minutum Nutting, synonym. Texts Christian Sardet, Sasha Bollet. Several weeks are necessary to anticipate the production of adults or to divide colonies. Campanularia gigantea Hincks, synonym.


Jellyfish spawn every day, exactly two hours after exposure to light following a period of darkness. The Plymouth offshore medusa fauna. Agassiz, possible synonym. On new British Hydroida. And so the cycle continues.

Marine Species Identification Portal : Clytia hemisphaerica

Het Zeepaard, 61 2: Over Eucheilota flevensis Van Kampen, en enige andere hydromedusen deel 2. The medusae of the British Isles. Other studies are dedicated to the origin of germ cell precursors and those of the somatic cells of gonads; it is also a model for the regeneration of gonads. Unlike the two existing genome-sequenced cnidarian models Nematostella hemishaerica Hydra, Clytia has a free-swimming jellyfish form, which like “higher” animals the Bilateria has a complex organization including striated musculature, specialized nervous system and structured sensory and reproductive organs.

Clytia hemisphaerica (Linnaeus, 1767)

Phialidium hemisphaericum Linnaeus, unaccepted combination. Clytia raridentata Alder, synonym. They live in colonies of polyps, feeding themselves by capturing small shrimp or other prey with their stinging tentacules.

For further info about Clytia hemisphaericayou can also look up this species under: World distribution Near- cosmopolitan in coastal waters but difficulties of identification in this genus make nearly all records suspect. Fully extended tentacles times diameter of bell Kramp, Polyp stage of Clyt Eucope affinis Gegenbaur, synonym. Laomedea gigantea Hincks, synonym. Zooplankton of the South Atlantic Ocean You can continue searching for Clytia hemisphaerica on one of these Web sites: Radial clytla straight, usually four but individuals having.


The following is certain: Clytia compressa Totton, possible synonym. Connect with us ‘. Thaumantias hemispherica Linnaeus, unaccepted combination. PlanktonNet Image [hosted externally; from synonym ].

Functional analysis of common genes, micro-injection of hemisphaedica with synthetic RNA or morpholinos. Medusa hemisphaerica Linnaeus, basionym. This cnidarian is also a model organism for the study of oogenesis. Clytia coronata Clarke, synonym. Along with ctenarians, they are the only non-bilaterian animals that have neurons and muscle cells; the medusae can swim and possesses a differentiated nervous system, striated hemisphaerjca and sensory organs for balance and equilibrium.

Mouth with four short lips. Eggs and embryos can thus be easily prepared for experiments. From editor or global species database. Clytia inconspicua Forbes, synonym. Size Bell diameter typically up to ca 20 mm but 1arger specimens sometimes occur, C. Clytia laevis Weismann, synonym. Clytia serrulata Bale, synonym.

Clytia viridicans Leuckart, possible synonym.

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