We’ve made a new release () of our OfficeToPDF open source project and pushed the code to its usual home on CodePlex. The table above compares CogniDox and Microsoft Office Check out how both product compares looking at product details such as features, pricing, target . Thu, 25 Oct GMT github cognidox officeto a pdf -. OfficeToPDF is a command line utility that converts. Microsoft Office ,. , ,

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It allows users to work within their familiar applications and save their work to a shared document repository for improved collaboration.

Home Directory Member directory – companies Cognidox Ltd. Customer service is a bonus – CogniDox is highly responsive both to requests for assistance and suggestions for future enhancements. Can ofgice all the document management we need – to ISO and well beyond – making finding and controlling documents very easy and highly effective. We provide highly-integrated support for system engineering workflows and the product lifecycle.

Good software and outstanding support. CogniDox is a web-based, document management software tool aimed primarily at supporting high-tech product development. Allows the user to save their work as a draft or issue. Found documents can be directly opened in the Office application; or shown in the Browse view or the CogniDox web client. The functionality of the previous offering has been fully replicated and extended in the new release: Cambridge Network Limited is a company registered in England under company No.


Customer Service – Second to None. We used a simple net drive before, so it has been challenging to get people used to document management system concepts such as document numbers as containers, and the added steps needed to create and manage content in a structured way.

Once configured, the add-in will open every time Cognidlx, PowerPoint or Excel is started.

Documents can be opened from CogniDox directly into the Office application. The business benefit is to encourage knowledge workers to create and maintain their documents within the shared document repository. Several other clients have independently chosen to use this solution and I can see why. I found it tto be very powerful and quick to learn.

CogniDox for Office add-in is now available – Cambridge Network

Cognidox announced that Paul Walsh, its co-founder and CEO, passed away on October 3rd following a long illness with cancer. It enables better product lifecyle management and knowledge transfer from developers to partners, clients and customers. Uses the search engine in CogniDox to match document titles cognldox a user-supplied search string. The user interface may not be considered to be as modern as some other web interfaces but for internal use within an organization I do not consider this to be a high priority.

I have used many document management packages across my client base and CogniDox is by far the best-featured product I have come across.

In addition, the customer support is outstanding, with timely and helpful support provided in real time, and openness to enhancement going cgonidox. Enables user to view the CogniDox document category structure and contents in an expandable, hierarchical tree format.


Example customers are shown at www.

Not Likely Extremely Likely. Cognidox, a leading provider of document management technology, is pleased to add a JIRA Software plug-in to its growing list of 3rd party software product integrations.

Cognidox for high-tech R&D

Experienced technology cignidox Joe Byrne, who was identified by Paul as his potential successor earlier in the year, has been named as interim CEO of the document management and web portal software provider.

Cognidox Ltd directory information.

Cognidox today announced the availability of CogniDox Version 9. As a Management Systems Consultant, I was introduced to this package by two clients who had already been using it. The functionality of the system is extensive, at both document and category levels, and provides efficiency and accuracy in dealing with our documentation.

Who Uses This Software? Cognidox Limited, a leading odfice of smart product document management technology, has launched a new version for its flagship software platform. Extremely powerful and officce – but easy-to-use – document management system. New documents can also be created from company templates stored within the CogniDox repository Info:

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