: The Company of Strangers: A Natural History of Economic Life – Revised Edition (): Paul Seabright: Books. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Shortlisted for the British Academy Book Prize, The British The Company of Strangers 2nd Revised ed. Edition, Kindle Edition. The Company of Strangers has ratings and 22 reviews. In this book, Paul Seabright (a professor of economics) discusses a wide range of topics including .

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Two Cheers for Anarchism.

This breadth makes the book interesting and enjoyable. Click here to sign up. Even today the debate about the costs of economic change in an integrated world is polarized between those who see no casualties, only victims like the doomed heroes who fought on picket lines to prevent the closing of British coal mines in the long and futile strike ofand those who see no victims, only casualties like those brisk prophets of globalization who are only concerned compwny reducing trade barriers and not about those who will be hurt as a result.

Remember me on this computer. Item s unavailable for purchase. Seabright discusses the cultural history of the human institutions responsible for causing us to treat genetic strangers as honorary kin. Well formulated, but if you’ve read similar books there is little new insight.

The starting chapters are pretty good but skimmed through the end chapters. In fact, one of the more poignant parts of the book describes how and why a weaker partner in a relationship must be made to feel a valuable part of society: A Student’s Guide to Economics.


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Our emotional reactions to risk are still shaped by that hunter-gatherer heritage. It also didn’t consider all the negatives of the increasing influence or the corporations over the world economy and the governments and obviously the free markets.

Lists with This Book. It is not as though there is no evolutionary work on primates and economic or proto-economic relationships.

The Company of Strangers: A Natural History of Economic Life by Paul Seabright

Environmental Quality in a Growing Economy. Fairly interesting book about how economies sabright through humans’ treatment of complete strangers as “honorary friends. Trivia About The Company of St This was a fascinating perspective on modern economic systems viewed through the lens of cultural anthropology and societal evolution.

It can be dense at times but this does not takeaway the overall impact of what the author wants to get across. In their response to risk no less than in their handling of conflict, modern political institutions seek to restrain by the slender threads of abstract reasoning the passions and resentments of the prehistoric tribe.

How to write a great review. Shut Down the Business School.

Jonas rated it really liked it May 10, Might there be some evolutionary connection to be investigated between this, or this type of, behavior in chimps and humans? Schools in the 21st century need above all to teach children stramgers one vital skill for the survival of humanity, namely, how to live peacefully and profitably with people whose community and religion are not one’s own Seabright argues convincingly and enjoyably that we aren’t awed enough by the economies that humans have developed.


Such a social space These relationships can grow in complexity when that food is then given or traded by a female to another female or child. This is my favorite popular economics book. Another title recommended by Dan Dennett in personal communication. How did humans develop the ability to trust total strangers with providing our most basic needs?

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The Value of Nothing. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Seabright discusses the challenges presented by the strangerz of multi-national corporations, and compares and contrasts liberalism and socialism as responses to it.

When trust is broken, all hell breaks out. Human Instincts and the Evolution of Cooperation among some other similar books. The Political Economy of Predation.

Think Like a Commoner. The chapter begins with Athens and omits any discussion of the history of earlier cities or human communities. Even something as simple as buying a shirt depends on an astonishing web of interaction and organization that spans the world.

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