Description. Limited edition of only hand numbered copies bound in stiff wraps, printed in two colors. London: Fulgur Limited, First Edition Thus. Results 1 – 7 of 7 Cosmic Meditation by Michael Bertiaux and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at [Michael Bertiaux, Robert Ansell] Cosmic Meditation. Uploaded by. Jimmy Ruiz. Bibliotbeque de Verseau No.1 Cosmic Meditation by MICHAEL BERTIAUX (FIYI.

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The universe is about The Absolute as Truth and as One. Man has trusted in material science and in material possessions and has forgotten that spirit does not wish to deny man his com- forts, but it is man’s destiny that these come from spirit and not from materialism.

But, the truth, or rather the proof, of cozmic law is to be found in the practice of the silence, wherein it is clearly stated and shown that our Spirit-Control is in reality a manifestation of The Absolute; in fact our Spirit-Control is the way in which – once we have entered the silence – that our Spirit-Control manifests The Absolute to us.

Add to watch list Remove from watch list. Spiritualism and Absolute Science both depend upon the laws of ontologism and occasionalism for their fullest operation and understanding. This is exactly what happens.

Cosmic Meditation

So cosmic meditation is a process, a practice, or method, which grows within human experience and involves the universe of the spirit as we might in any deep cosmix relationship. Seller does not offer returns. Yes, we are within The Absolute, and this is how we have built our bridge which medittion us to the infinite.

To ask other readers questions about Cosmic Meditationplease sign up. In fact, you can say quite easily that this entire course of study is bertiuax upon the fact that the spirits are here and they are ready to meet you. Everything is Mind and the manifestations of mental laws which are spiritual acts of The Absolute. Well the outside is the way in which the ideas and images appear to us in our minds, especially when we focus upon them.

While it is true that in order to gain the union of the subconscious and the unconscious minds we make use of deep meditation, it is also true that the achievement of this union can be helped by certain secret methods, which will bring about the union of the subconscious mind and uncon- scious minds very rapidly.

Donald added it Jul 14, Seen from the front, the back is evil. We are still able to do these things and make the metaphysi- cal voyages, which add to man’s understanding of the possi- bilities of his experience, for it is always a matter of simply wanting to do this. These methods are, of course, secret, and they are very dangerous to those who have not been prepared in the inner sense for the deep side of this magical practice.


In deep medi- tation, we go deeply into the world of mind which is between the subconscious mind and the unconscious mind.

Yet, there is the True Presence of The Absolute which again can destroy this history and past, if the individual seeks to so identify itself with the ultimate laws of being. This is like sending out a ray of light to attract something and then bringing it back by means of a net.

For my intuition has made these laws a part of my ontolo- gistic being and experience. Furthermore, it states that all is Mind and that Mind is capa- ble of entering into the being of things so deeply as to become equivalent to them or having the same truth.

Cosmic Meditation Michael Bertiaux Kenneth Grant Occult Ltd Ed 1/ FULGUR Rare | eBay

Such a relationship to the spirits is a very wonderful fact of life, and such a relationship to the spirits must be understood as being fully human and the goal of human evolution. Lists with This Book. But if you sought to refer everything to this One, you would realise that it alone was the Truth about the world of spirits.

Concerning The Law of Mind-Communion, which is the basis for the exchange of ideas between one part of the mental universe and another, between one soul or spirit and another, or between one mind and another, we have this to say.

This enlightenment is that in the silence of cosmic con- sciousness, we realise that there is no human mind, there is only Absolute Spirit, for what does not meitation – i.

Truly there is no meditwtion between spirit and matter, for mat- ter is merely the way in which the unenlightened person will come to look at the presence of spirit in the world. Ariock rated it it was amazing May 22, The silence is the key, for we live between the actual world of dreams and the world of waking conscious mind – we live between the two borders of The Absolute.

All Being isfilled with the realisation of this Truth.

[Michael Bertiaux, Robert Ansell] Cosmic Meditation | jimmy ruiz –

There are other spirits who work with him, so that in my case I have many Spirit-Guides, all of whom are wonderful helpers to me in my work, which is teaching the world about the world of spirit.

They are familiar with the other worlds in our universe, and they are aware that beyond our universe – which itself is multi-dimensional, composed bertixux physical and metaphysical fields – there are other forms of existence. The medium up to that time had been quite good, but she had bertiwux unable to turn her powers off and on as a result of too much passive and astral or meditstion work.

To enter the silence one does not even have to realise a state of light trance, after it has become a normal experience. We do not need to prove this, for we accept the fact that spirit is ultimate, and that God is the invisible King of all spirits.


Many animals are able to meditate, although they do not enjoy ideas so much as images in their mind, and the members of the cat family are the masters of esoteric meditation. This law states that short of The Absolute, all spirits as beings are free medifation come and go from one world to another, from existence to non-existence, and from following a path of enlightenment to following a pathway of error.

This can only be experi- enced bwrtiaux the results of this meeting. We know that metaphysics has been questioned from all directions of thought and has suffered a loss of credibility, whereby it has fallen from a position of honour to one of uncertainty and lack of trust, This is simply because metaphysics was seen as an exclusively human enterprise, rather than as a venture which involved both human efforts ane!

Doriyan Dracul marked it as to-read Nov 12, I mwditation not say- ing that this is easy, and few of our deceased spouses can so function. Whenever the members of the group sought to com- municate with Him, they would focus their minds in the state of silent thought upon His presence and then He would send His thoughts to them by the method of telepathy or mental mediumship. For this reason, I think that the Spirit-Guides work mainly with persons as they sleep; only in more developed minds do they work while the person is fully awake, either in deep meditation or through the superconscious attunement of high trance.

Whatever comes to the senses is really a passing state of experience, for the world of perception is not final, nor is it ultimate. This item will be shipped through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking. In mwditation they will flee from the spirits because they fear the presence of spirits, something they call the presence or hauntings of ghosts. Learn more – opens in a new window or tab.

Now read the ritual which follows and allow it to work upon your deepest seat of mind, for you will now begin to do cosmmic programming of the subconscious and the unconscious mind, by means of this Bon-Pa ritual.

We read in the Bible that it is not good for man to be alone, that is without his fellows. This book has been sold out for some time, is out of print, and highly sought-after, so don’t miss out!

Well, for the mental medium the trips to and from these worlds are rewarding experiences. Furthermore, the group added more and more details to the cult of MATOO, as he became more and more able to help them with any project offered to him for solution or aid.

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