Crispin Porter Bogusky Employee Handbook by Pep Crispin Porter Bogusky: Employee Handbook. Post by Ek Kanya» Wed Aug 11, am. This is amazing. youtube. How CPB Europe promoted SAS. The Not-So-Secret Crispin Porter Employee. Handbook From Crispin Porter Bogusky Employee Handbook.

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Paessler’s Culture Deck is minimal, but it makes an effort to explain how they have arrived at each value. This is page two of a two page “document. One of the big tensions is between success and failure — […].

We’ve highlighted our favorite aspects of each deck, but we encourage you to explore on your own. Wait, where’s my culture deck?

Crispin Porter + Bogusky Jobs and Internships

Nordstrom’s Handbook gets right to the point: Who says an employee handbook has to be a book? I joked that we […] Tweet 1.

All the work is custom desgined and assembled by hand. Fractured Atlas has a site dedicated to how the team works together, and includes a video welcome from the CEO.

Here is what the version looked like: Big Spaceship’s manual is upfront about its purpose: I joked that we […]. George Dyson has a nice metaphor for the changes involved in answer to […] Tweet 8. They also include a mantra—their “secret sauce”—and include video examples so people can see it in action.


Patreon not only created a deck to explain their values, they had them illustrated and displayed in their employee cafe as a regular reminder. We love seeing a company put their culture deck not only online, but in a form that those inside and outside employee company can iterate upon.

Crispin Porter + Bogusky Employee Handbook | The Next Wave

What’s in a culture deck? DoSomething’s culture book is largely geared towards interns and potential employees, demonstrating how they can make a difference within the company. The rest is dedicated pporter the work itself: If you’re interested in developing your own team’s culture, contact us.

We unleash the creativity and capability of teams through new ways of working.

Do let us know! Instead of being a prescriptive manual, ‘s Culture Book serves as a yearbook, including fun pictures from events of the past year and reflections of what the company’s values mean to individuals.

Idea Couture’s Culture Handbook. Disney Culture Book Thanks to Michael Quirke for the suggestion. Porter San Lorenzo, CA. Your email address will not be published. NASA’s handbook is more cut-and-dry as befits a government organization, but still covers important topics like the “Lessons Learned System” and “Engaged Culture. I solved a mystery recently that had been bothering me for months. They might want to work on that.

AP’s Culture Deck is oriented towards recruiting new team members, with a heavy emphasis on the benefits of bogusoy with the company, such as a stimulating working environment, flexible schedules, and continued learning opportunities.


Possible Health Culture Code. To be successful, we have to apporach every single day like it will be our defining moment. T here are plenty of excuses for not innovating — for not taking steps to change things.

Moreover, employees consistently cite culture as one of their prime reasons to join and stay with a company. Porrer halfway through this walk, there are two paths that you can take — one covers significantly less distance. The Motley Fool’s Interactive handbook incorporates video an increasing trend and additional links so employees can dig deeper into important topics.

Crispin Porter + Bogusky

M ost organisations have more than enough ideas, but many struggle to choose the best ideas to pursue. As more organizations understand culture bogus,y the competitive tool it is, they’re openly sharing “culture decks” or employee handbooks to attract like-minded employees and customers.

Disqus spends the first part of its Culture Book explaining its history, the product, and the company’s business model. Whiteboard’s culture book infuses information about their work practices with their own personal style.

Trello Employee Manual Board. T here are no innovation shortcuts.

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