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Together, RTs and accuracy indicate greater interference of conflicting information for the Attend Face condition than for Attend Word.

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A number of factors led to the eventual split between France and the other four countries. For the congruent versus incongruent contrast, we predicted changes to ERP-BOLD covariation, though made no specific directional prediction. ERP waveforms and topographies.

The first out of an expected Rafales was scheduled to enter service in Great emphasis has been placed on pilot workload minimisation across all operations. The size constraints were offset by the introduction of Charles de GaulleFrance’s first nuclear-powered carrierwhich was considerably larger than previous carriers, Foch and Clemenceau. Fast robust automated brain extraction.

Investigating the time course of visual processing also allows for conclusions about the relative contributions of bottom-up and top-down influences on different stages of visual perception. Yet our results reveal the effect of attentional focus on the coupling of early ERP amplitudes with a more broadly distributed network of brain regions, but not with primary visual cortical regions.


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Wikimedia Commons has media related to Dassault Rafale. Retrieved 12 January European Journal of Neuroscience. The standard is to be validated by A global optimisation method for robust affine registration of brain images. The covariations of these brain regions with trial-wise C1 amplitudes reveal that variations in very early activity in the visual cortex have a measureable influence on higher-order cognitive functions that add meaning to visually presented faces.

Inthe government decided to proceed with a combat variant of the ACX due to the conflicting technical criteria of the respective FEFA participant nations. By Marchthe number of configurations had been narrowed down 448 four, tlp of which had a combination of canardsdelta wings and a single vertical tail-fin.

The Rafale is distinct from other European fighters of its era in that it is almost entirely built by one country, involving most of France’s major defence contractorssuch as Dassault, Thales and Safran.

Although Rafales have launched and landed on U. Normalized z-scored single-trial ERP values for each ERP component and Congruency condition were convolved with the FSL crouzdt hemodynamic response function and included as parametric regressors in the fMRI analyses 8 additional regressors: National Center for Biotechnology Information 448, U. For example, the flight control surfaces are fabricated in Haute-Savoiethe wings and avionics in Gironde, the centre fuselage in Val-d’Oiseand the engines in Essonne.

Dassault refused to take responsibility for the HAL-manufactured Rafales, as it had reservations about the criuzet of HAL to accommodate the complex manufacturing and technology transfers of the aircraft.

One tentative explanation for the lack of ERP-fMRI covariation for incongruent Attend Face trials is that conflict-related up-regulation of activation see also Banich et al.


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Top-down control settings and the attentional blink: An integrative theory of P3a and P3b. Throughout the flight test programme, the Rafale A performed numerous day and night take-offs and landings aboard the carriers Clemenceau and Foch to investigate the pilot’s field of view during carrier operations. The aircraft is available in three main variants: Analysts view the relatively quick series of 84 [] orders from Egypt and Qatar as being influenced by the Arab Spring and uncertainty of US involvement in the Middle East.

At the time of the Rafale A’s maiden flight, France entered unsuccessful talks with Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands and Norway about a possible collaboration on the Rafale as a multinational project; at the time, Belgium was reportedly interested in the Rafale B.

The VideoToolbox software for visual psychophysics: Covariation parameter estimates for Attention x Congruency conditions within significant clusters of covariation for the A N component and B C1 component. It also performs other key functions cgouzet as aerial optical surveillance and is integrated with the navigation system as a FLIR.

First deliveries are scheduled to take place in For a complete list of significant activations see Table 1.

The standard will see the integration of the Meteor BVR missile, among other weapons and software updates.

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