Special thanks to Derelor and Sithspawn for working on the DCS Huey manual, and folks from the Virtual th Battalion of the 1st Cavalry. Manual da Aeronave de asas rotativas UH-1H Huey, Aeronave exaustivamente utilizada na guerra do Vietnã, pelas força Norte Americanas, em transporte e. DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Flight Manual DCS: MiGbis FLIGHT MANUAL In DCS: UH-1H Huey, the helicopter can be operated in the following.

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Huey Manual? *found it* – SimHQ Forums

You are not logged in. Print Thread Switch to Threaded Mode. This approach is used due to multiple cross-references between the elements of the aircraft.

Hi, I don’t know where you guys have been looking. Up to 11 combat troops can be transported and deployed. Knights Over Europe Read Only. Mznual you are willing to get a deeper understanding of the design and features of the Mi- 8MTV2, we recommend that you carefully study all the available references.


UH-1H Huey, the helicopter can be operated in the following variants: Cliffs of Dover – Extended Discussions.

AC Warthog – Training. Red Mwnual Read Only. Wow if the systems modeling is this detailed even for the Huey I may just be picking it up sooner than planned. Wow if the systems modeling is this detailed even for the Huey I may just be picking it up sooner than planned ik 4. Note that the information about individual systems is not concentrated in a single section, but scattered all over the document, i.

Armor Simulations – General. Happy New Year’s Eve! For example, the description of the armament system is divided in two parts: Civil Aviation – General. MiGbis is a simulation of the Soviet Union’s vanguard jet fighter and one of the most mass-produced jets rcs history — the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG I mean, it’s only buried 7 layers deep in the file structure. Falcon – Feature Articles. In manuap second part, information on how to use each weapon system for its corresponding tasks is given.


Black Shark – Technical Issues. Yankee Air Pirate 2 Read Only. Falcon – Technical Issues.


Cliffs Of Dover Read Only. Jet Thunder Read Only.

Falcon – File Updates. Over Flanders Fields – Mods. Medical breakthroughs in by piper. The MiG gained fame manhal the skies over Korea where it battled the F Sabre and other allied aircraft. I’m sure I missed their formal press release stating the manual was out though.

Rising Sun Read Only. The crew includes the pilot in the right-hand seat and copilot in the left-hand seat, one or two door gunners. Air Combat – General.

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