Hello everyone, and welcome back to the very last re-read *tear* of Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse books. This week we’re recapping. Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse, book 12) by Charlaine Harris – book cover, description, publication history. In the penultimate novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series, Sookie Stackhouse must work with her first love to clear her current undead flame.

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What was the point of it?! Full review up on http: But if Sookie really wanted Sam, she could of had him in the first two chapters, for christ’s sake! And it is a far cry from the delicious, girly, smutty, paper pillow-fight we all loved in books maybe Okay, if Sookie had a good education, this book may have turned out differently. Retrieved from ” https: So instead of dragging their relationship on and on, I wish they would just make a decision, are they going to love each other or break up?

Yes, but there are better nofel to let us stackhluse that Sookie deadlicked a family without Tara and JB–who are the poster couple for surrender-to-any-nice-man-so-you-can-have-kids message that is becoming all too familiar in this series.

I believe there’s only one book left, I’ve put up with the series for this long so I might just read the next one for completion’s sake. And on that score, Deadlock is the last nail in that coffin. How to read Val McDermid series?

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Up until this book I have considered this series to be a guilty sookoe of mine because despite the consistent ridiculous nature of these stories they were still fun and entertaining and I love them for no realistic reason.


It’s the only thing I know this series is about anymore. How to read Sarah J. That is stakhouse why I read them.

When Sookie explains to Sam about the Cluviel Dor, and it’s magic generated on love, she will pass it off as love harros a friendship. Alcide continues to be unlikable, and pretty much every female character who catches the attention of one of Sookie’s many love interests both current and former turns out to be evil in some way. How to read Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child series?

It isn’t revolutionary, but that’s not what you’re nove, for when you read a Sookie Stackhouse novel: Oh and there was scary monsters too. Put your heart back into it and I know the book will be genius!

The work starts to feel like work, and for most writers that is the smooch of death.

Her little voice told her not to go, and she disregarded it. I couldn’t give a shit less if she shaved her legs or not. View all 7 comments. With Sam, I really don’t think so.


I inhaled his scent. Eric – not gone – but largely absent.

The Sookie Stackhouse series reading order: How to read True Blood in order? – How To Read Me

Honestly I’m not so sure why I should care anymore. Yes, Eric has been out of character for awhile now, but he’s still the star. Sad to say I’m not even looking forward to this one.

I prefer the direction of the show more than of the books. His king is in town, investigating the death of a vampire Eric killed and a Vampire Queen is in town trying to snag Eric away from Sookie for good.

What do I do here, how do I add it? Or that could all be a giant misdirection, who knows? Apr 13, Allison rated it did not like it. The characters have become stale, and the pacing and plot are all over the place. Stzckhouse sad to see what has become stackhousr this once entertaining charlainw.

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