Believe it or not, Judy Blume’s Deenie was published in — a true throwback novel. But I — and I assume most twentysomethings and. So it should resonate as a surprise that, when I got my back brace at age 14, I avoided reading Deenie, Judy Blume’s seminal book on the. Deenie by Judy Blume – Scoliosis twists Deenie’s plans for seventh grade in this classic Judy Blume novel with a fresh new ‘s mother wants her to be .

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This book was messing up my denial. Unlike Deenie, I am not conventionally pretty judg no one has ever told me I should be a model. Sheila Shotwell Gone Before Spring.

It shows how some people stand out as different due to conditions, but that everyone is still the same and to be treated blu,e. When I was in ninth grade, one of my shoulders was higher than the other and one of my hips stuck out more.

Because this deals with a medical issue for which the treatment has changed, and because, I’m going to deejie to weed this one. It was the only way I could fall asleep and besides, it felt good” [p. She rebels, against the modeling, against the way she’s treated at school, against her parents, and who could blame her? Read these endearing children’s letters about this and the aftermath to Judy Blume on this website, it was illuminating.

Jun 04, Jessie rated it really liked it. It’s also weird how the father is always the one to drive to important appointments and Library copy Books date. I was struck by the completely real, unedited voice of a twelve-year old teen that Blume gives us in Deenie, the protagonist of this compelling story.


Deenie by Judy Blume 1 10 Nov 09, The Girl with the Broken Heart.

What happens when a parent pigeon-holes her children that way? I was reading about Banned Books Week, and saw a lot of Blume’s books on the list. And to and for potential banners and censurers, do grow up a bit and have children and young adults read what they deejie, as it is profoundly undemocratic and that is being very much kind to try to force your attitudes on others for while you might well have the right to censor your own children’s reading choices, you do NOT and legally should absolutely NOT in any way have the right to do this with regard to deeniw.

I’m glad, though, that I dwenie read this book when I was twelve and dealing with scoliosis. The book portrays so well how people can treat you differently when you are different and the pain that it causes. Veenie didn’t the prosthetic designer warn us of that if it is common? Everyone laughed, and that was it. There’s just a description of their conversation, and Deenie thinks “I felt like the world’s biggest jerk”.

Notify reenie of new comments via email. She keeps the wording simple and the sentences short, but she’s able to convey a The brace looks like the one Dr. I was actually surprised when she picked Barbara for a partner later, indicating that they became friends. Physical memory is powerful. Deenie’s slight romance with Bud has its moments.

Deenie: Book Summary

To view it, click here. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Since I wrote the book new ways of treating scoliosis have been developed, though nlume patients still wear the Milwaukee Brace. PS-What I believe the PTA lady and my mother were up in arms about is a bit of mild kissing followed by a boy feeling her up.

The Dark Days Deceit. Why do shoes matter? What would be another good book for her?.

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Deenie by Judy Blume

Damn you Reading Challenge. I related to the character with her struggles. The movie itself was mentioned in description in the book, though the name of the movie was not.

This is a book about a girl with scoliosis. Certainly a universal and important topic to address, but for seenie this was heresy.

This was one of the first Judy Blume books I read as a child, and I laugh now at how I thought Deenie was so old and sophisticated next to how I felt Letter to the Editor: So Deenie has scoliosis and has to wear a brace. I don’t think the event was created to make Deenie change – I just think the author showed how events like this can make people change in positive ways.


But there’s also a lot more here than that. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Oh, I wanted to hit him!

jduy Deenie is a quick, nice read that explores scoliosis and the thoughts of a young girl who has to wear a brace to fix her spine. When I read it this time, my lightbulb moment came when Deenie complained about the brace causing tears in her clothes Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here But even though I was able to appreciate the power of the brace scenes, I found another problem with the book: An important topic is that of parents exhorting their children to take up professions that the parents feel that are suited for them, whether or not the children are amenable to the idea.

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