Dell™ PowerConnect™ / is provided with pre-defined not set to auto -negotiation, both the switching port and the NIC must be manually set with the. Office Manuals and free pdf instructions. Find the office and computer equipment manual you need at ManualsOnline. Dell Switch User Manual. Page 1. Manufacturer: Dell, Model: , Type of document: User manual, Category: Switch, Number of pages:

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QoS includes traffic such as voice, video, and real-time traffic that can be assigned a high priority queue, while other traffic can be assigned a lower priority queue. Running Diagnostics Contact Dell technical support before using this option.

For information about Link Check the Remove check box manuql remove the server s. Microsoft Windows [Version 5.

Dell 3348 Switch User Manual

Page — SNMP Admin—Indicates that the user has access to all device configuration options, as well to modifying the community. Stack the units according to mabual Unit ID. Reactivates an interface that is shutdown due to port security reasons.

Device Default Settings To return to device default settings use delete startup-config command at the privileged mode promptand reboot the device. Page Click Show All. When stacking LED 1 is lit, the janual is the master unit. The storm control port parameters are saved to the device.


Dell manual – BKManuals

The Stack Unit ID must be selected within 15 seconds. CLI Command show interfaces counters [ ethernet interface port- channel port-channel- number] The following 334 an example of the CLI commands: Using The Cli The default value is 0. The RSTP is enabled, and the device is updated. Multicast Forwarding Support Multicast forwarding allows a single packet to be forwarded to multiple destinations.

Configures the spanning tree bridge Hello Time, which is how often the switch broadcasts Hello messages to other manial. When a port is set to be a target port for a port-mirroring session, all normal operations on this port are suspended. To switch off all equipment, the power supply cable is removed from the power manuxl socket.

Contact Dell technical support before using this option. Page Adding a History Control Entry: The device is delivered with no community strings configured. The following message is displayed. M u l t i c a s t S u p p o r t P a g e The Multicast Support 348 includes links to the following topics: Enter the command interface ethernet at the console to enter the Device Configuration screen mode through VLAN1 as follows: U t i l i z a t i o n S u m m a r y P a g e The Utilization Summary page contains the following fields: Open the Authentication Profiles page.

Console show logging file Console logging: The Device View contains the following components: Erasing Flash Powerconect Type Y.

  ASTM D4940 PDF

Page 56 – Security Management and Password Configu The VLAN is deleted, and the device is updated. Select an interface in the Interface field. Starting The Cli Devices supporting SNMP run local software agent.

Expanding The Stack To open the Versions page: The possible range is 1 – 65, The Line Password page opens. The configuration process defines only one port.

Dell – PowerConnect Switch – Stackable Manuals

The Interface Statistics page contains the following fields: Using The Switch Administrator Buttons Defining Port Parameters The Port Configuration page allows network mxnual to define port parameters.

Defining Access Profiles Defining Access Profiles The Access Profiles page allows network managers to define profiles and rules for accessing the device.

Customer Service Austin, Texas, U. The ARP Settings page contains the following fields: See the contact information for your region. LAGs can include up to 8 ports. The Spanning Tree page opens. L2 Multicast service is powefconnect on a L2 switch receiving a single packet addressed to a specific multicast addresses.

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