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Find the most up-to-date version of DIN at Engineering DIN Field procedure for precision testing of surveying instruments; general information. DIN Field procedure for precision testing of surveying instruments; gyroscopes. standard by Deutsches Institut Fur Normung E.V.

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ADJUSTMENT COMPUTATIONS – ppt video online download

Conrad posted his results of an investigation of the Leica circle reading system and discovered that the circle reading system in effect adds a pseudo-random error to the direction reading so that a nearly perfectly graduated circle appears to give directions with random-appearing errors with an s.

Topcon 5″ instruments have one encoder and 2″ instruments have 2 encoders is what I was told, hence the big price bump from 5″ to 2″. Here is a field procedure to determine the DIN Do you have anything on this? August 3, 9: The more precise the survey method, the higher the probability that the results can be repeated.

Usually set up within 0. Pointing errors occur at each back sight and fore sight, the pointing error will be the mean of the number of repetitions.

Yes, I find it difficult to believe that the other instrument manufacturers aren’t following some version of the Leica method of using the exact same circle in a line of instruments with a range of specified accuracies and then degrading the performance of the lower spec instruments by software.


Surveying submitted 1 year ago by CNarc. Target 1 will always average out to zero. The error in an angle is given by the equation:.

I want the full DIN standard to see if there’s any other useful stuff that I should know about these precisions. However, because an operator normally carefully monitors the bubble and attempts to keep it centered while turning angles, the amount and direction by which the instrument is out of level become random, and hence the resulting errors tend to be random.


August 3, 7: Published by Kiara Deary Modified over 3 years ago. In other idn the don in price buys the exact same instrument, but with a few more lines of code active in the internal software.

August 3, 4: Slowly move the head back and forth, about an inch from the eyepiece, while watching the relationship of the object to the cross hairs. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Please note, that a DIN is specific to one instrument. Reduce the directions so that the direction to Target 1 is d00m00s for each set and Calculate the average for each target.

What that meant was that you could measure the same direction times and each direction as read by the instrument would have the identical error generated by the circle reading system.

Pressure should be parallel to each leg. Direct Method Suppose an angle is read six times using the direct method. Want to add to the discussion? How much is determined by several factors. Small or large depending on the operator, instrument and conditions at the time of measurement.

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We’re not out to win journalism awards or take out the industry magazines. This is equivalent to a marksman realigning the sights after the shots. I been down and I been out I been disgusted I been busted and I couldn’t be trusted. GCP coordinate system for processing Our newest member: I can look back, but zenith angles are subject to a greater degree of error so that may just be something you have to account for based on the manufacturers specs coupled with target and sighting errors.


Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. The optical plummet can be checked by rotating the knurled eyepiece until the cross hairs are the thickest and blackest, refocus and check for parallax. Add value or move along.

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Consistent with the network not just a particular survey Not the mathematical closure but the ability to duplicate established control values. Am I correct in thinking that Trimble have determined, through the DIN standard, experimentation, repeated observations etc, that the standard deviation of angle measurements is 2″ for this instrument- is this correct? Even a robot has to be set up by a person over the point coupled with the rod being plumb.

Error is always present in all measurements. That’s the article I would have pointed you at, and realistically all you need to know, unless you’re doing some sort of higher order stuff. Too many surveyors no longer do angle sets. Then again, at that point you’re really splitting hairs, but I’d be curious as to how different the numbers are.

A survey or map deemed sufficiently near the ideal or true value to be held constant for the control of dependent operations. The first one is for the “testing theodolites” and the second is for levels.

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