Ellen Lupton, bestselling author of Thinking with Type will show you how. DIY: Design It Yourself provides all the tools you’ll need to create your. This year, students and faculty at Maryland Institute College of Art produced the book D.I.Y: Design It Yourself, edited by Ellen Lupton. The book. Ellen Lupton, bestselling author of Thinking with Type, will show you how. DIY: Design It Yourself, provides you with all the tools you’ll need to.

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Aug 08, Numberbox rated it it was ok Shelves: We can customize nearly all the things we consume, turning mass-produced stuff into OUR stuff. As you remark, is now easier to produce and share on a global scale.

Design It Yourself is perhaps most successful when it focuses on design examples that are borne of personal expression rather than professional need. Tracy’s review opens by lupon that D. It does assume the reader knows how to do certain things without This book is laid out in a very user-friendly way.

More for layperson than a designer. At the risk of slipping into technological determinism, technology plays a significant role in this transition.

DIY Kids by Ellen Lupton | Inhabitots

Liefhebbers van Ellen Lupton bekeken ook. Some chapters seem to end abruptly, while others feature a wider variety of projects. Yet DIY is an unfortunate title as I think this movement goes deeper.

Aug 13, Louise Cochrane rated it really liked it. Ellen Lupton, bestselling author of Thinking with Typewill show you how. I am a professional graphic designer. How about some personalized stationery?

D.I.Y.: Design It Yourself: A Design Handbook

In interviews with designers of all sorts, it is clear to me that we have most definitely moved away from a period of time when most of us are merely passive consumers. Jen Wheatley Panasik Our fascination with design, as both a process and an ideal, is reflected in the products and services that are increasingly available to the general public. They also give brief written instructions on how to create the book.


Isn’t DIY then, more about recreating? I see creative communities centered on a design discourse based on sharing, gift-giving and reputation.

I am pretty much finished with the notion that luppton is some kitsch hobby stuck inone “real” design professionals can snicker at behind scrapbookers’ backs. Mar 23, anique rated it it was ok Shelves: Still interesting enough to keep my a Was recommended by a couple people, but I think I came away a bit disappointed. Not satisfied with the new T-shirts on sale at the local mall? Here, design potentially takes on a much more significant role.

Here you will find: Provides a little background info about starting out with different forms of media, and then shows off some possibilities. Design It Yourselfprovides you with all e,len tools you’ll need to create your own projects, from conception through production. They talk about what design is, how it is used, and who sees it.

D.I.Y.: Design it Yourself

Sep 10, Mandy rated it really liked it Shelves: Check out our blog and visit us on FacebookTwitterand Instagram — use papress. Don’t skip the interviews in the back -they are insightful and worth the read.

Jun 27, Tara rated it it was ok. Julia Lupton’s essay, ‘D. Don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some pretty decent work. A poster for your political campaign? But I’m not going to, because my soap box would get worn out. How about some personalized stationery?

Broken up into 32 brief chapters, many as short as four pages, the book condenses its content into sub-genres such as packaging, logos, and weblogs. Alles van Ellen Lupton. The chapter on brands, for example, stands out for its cohesiveness in part, because its lesson is centered around a single project with similar, yet consistently well-crafted examples of one student’s line of customized baby clothes.


For example, the chapter on blank books shows you ten images of different ways to create a cover and bind the book. Her twin sister, Julia Lupton, also has an essay in the book. Although some of the examples of work can look a bit dated, the processes behind them are still relevant and can be applied to your own personal style and way of working. Not satisfied with the new t-shirts on sale at the local mall?

From chapter to chapter, the work goes from looking like it was produced by undergraduates to looking like it was pulled from a late twentieth-century design annual, to finally — but not often enough for a book that’s the product of MFA candidates — to examples that reflect a sophisticated and highly individualized point of view.

Still interesting enough to keep my attention because I would love to design books, cds, web pages, magazines, and the like. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The graphics, images, diagrams, and system for explaining expense and time are stellar.

D.I.Y.: Design It Yourself: A Design Handbook by Ellen Lupton

Bekijk de hele lijst. Oh, riy one more thing that really annoyed me, found in the resources section under www. The color, fonts, and organization helped to keep me intrigued. Ellen Lupton Thinking with Type 20,

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