Whenever I compile a LATEX document with TeXnicCenter, and I visualite it with Acrobat Reader X, I get an error message from TeXnicCenter. control. “Command” parameter should be twice: [DocOpen(“%”)][FileOpen( “%”)]. Last instance of “Command” parameter (in “close. [DocOpen(“%”)][FileOpen(“%”)] Server: arcroviewR10 Topic: Control. 4) Close document before running (La)TeX: Select DDE command and enter.

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Acrobat X seems to have changed the servername and this is breaking things. Yes, I am already affected by this. I did all of the above my version is nothing works yet. I guess the version is out.

Frank Seifert 2, 7 32 Not sure if it makes a difference but in the windows registry the keys: For “Close Document” Command: Should I need to make some changes in settings of my pdf reader? But this is the most likely the solution.

If you use Adobe Reader XI version Feb 11 ’16 at 7: Sign up using Facebook. I added this post just because of users like us I had to use a combination of the above answers, though, so I thought I would document what worked for me.

Email Required, but never shown. I didn’t work for me until I tried that. So not major problems but just small annoyances. By using our site, you dockpen that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


FrenzyLi Yes I do. Indeed, this post does not help for Adobe Reader DC.

latex – DDE control TeXnicCenter – Stack Overflow

Something I needed docope do as well as changing the server was: Schumacher Jun 16 ’15 at 0: I have not needed to change the Adobe Reader settings at all i. What I don’t know is if it also belongs b. Can be solved by proper setting in TeXnicCenter: If the version number begins with. When I press F5, and the document opens, Acrobat Reader does not become the top window the focus stays with TexnicCenter.

For Adobe Acrobat Pro, use arcroviewA For the newer version of Adobe [DocClose] doesn’t work anymore.

Control 3 Forward search: If I close the error message and press F5 a second time with Acrobat Reader now open then it will open the document. I realise this question is a little old, but I have just been struggling with this problem not used TeXnicCenter for a wile, so hadn’t noticed the problems when upgrading Adobe and this thread is the only one that solved the problem for me.

pdf – TeXnicCenter & Adobe Reader DC – TeX – LaTeX Stack Exchange

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Does your output open directly in the Adobe reader now? I use Acrobat Pro XI and have the following settings: Claudia 3 Edy Jo 4 When I building and view current file. So, it takes an extra click or so. Can you supplement your answer with some information about where to type that code? Or does the Adobe reader open after compiling? I mb passing hours trying to solve the problems and nothing. The acroviewR15 part solved it for me too.


Thank you for your interest in this question. For the earlier version of Adobe, it should be acroviewR Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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If the version number begins withdocopej all your Server parameters to acroviewR18, set all your Server parameters to acroviewR17, set all your Server parameters to acroviewR I read it, but I still have the same problem as asked.

My impression is that tex. I’ve edited his answer, I think that’s more useful for other people than another answer with less votes.

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