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To all who apprehend it there is then discovered in the Universal Spirit the presence of a Divine Individuality reciprocal to that of the individual man, tfoward recognition of which is the practical solution of all metaphysical problems regarding the emanation of the individual soul from the Universal Spirit and the relations arising therefrom; for it takes these matters out of the region of intellectual speculation, which is never creative but only analytical, and transfers it to the region of feeling and spiritual sensation which is the abode of the creative forces.

If, then, this idea is clearly grasped, it logically follows from it that the Root of Life is not to be found in the comparison of good and evil, but in the lrctures affirmation of the Spirit as the All-creating power of Good.

Thus the great creative work of Thought in each of us is to make us consciously “sons and daughters of the Almighty,” realizing that by our divine origin we can never dpre really separated from the Parent Mind which is continually seeking expression through us, and that any apparent separation is due to our letures misconception of the true nature of the inherent relation between the Universal and the Individual.

We thus find ourselves holding an intermediate position between true First Cause, on the one hand, and the world of secondary causes on the other, and in order to understand the nature of this position, tbomas must fall back on the axiom that the Universal can only work on the plane of the Particular through the individual.

By the nature of the relation between the individual mind and the Universal Mind it is strictly a case of reflection; and in proportion as the mirror of our own mind blurs or clearly reflects the image of the Divine ideal, so will it give rise to a correspondingly feeble or vigorous reproduction of it in our external life.

This mental attitude lechures be found of immense value in setting us free from worry and anxiety, and as a consequence our work will be done in a much more efficient manner. Want to Read saving…. We all know what is meant by a receptive mental attitude when applied to healing or telepathy; and does it not logically follow that the same principle may be applied to the receiving of life itself from the Supreme Source?

Christine rated it it was amazing Aug 20, On the face of the story there are two roots, one of Life and the other of Death, two fundamental principles bringing about diametrically opposite results.

If the principle is once recognised the sequence is obvious. He will neither dethrone God, nor lose himself by absorption lecures deity, but he will recognize the reciprocity of the Divine and the human as the lsctures and logical outcome of the essential conditions of the creative process.


Thomas Troward was an English author whose works influenced the New Thought Movement and mystic Christianity. Only we must not forget that it is working through our own minds. Published January 1st by WWW. Feeling is the Secret By: This is the reason why, if we take the action of pure unmanifested Spirit as our starting-point, we may confidently trust it to produce manifestations of law which, though perfectly new from the stand-point of our past experience, are quite as natural in their own way as any that have gone before.

To meet this requirement, therefore, there must be a forming power greater than that of our own unaided conceptions, and thomzs is to be found in our realization of the Spirit as the Supreme Beauty, or Wisdom, moulding our thoughts and feelings into shapes harmoniously adjusted to the fullest expression, in and through us, of the Livingness which Spirit is in itself. I believe that everybody must regard these as figures under which a recondite sense is concealed.

That the Universal cannot act on the plane of the Particular except by becoming the particular, that is by expression through the individual. Neville discloses his extraordinary and testable claim yhomas your lecturee imagination is God Itself. Then, still employing the scientific method of following up the affirmative factor, he realizes leftures this universal causative power, by whatever name he may call it, manifests as Supreme Intelligence in the adaptation trowarv means to ends. But then we are told that: If, then, our thought is habitually concentrated upon principles rather than on particular things, realizing that principles are nothing else than the Divine Mind in operation, we shall find that they will necessarily germinate to produce their own expression in corresponding facts, thus verifying the words of the Great Teacher, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

Now lectuges is this general principle of the already existence of the thing in the thought that we have to lay hold of, and as we find it true in an architect’s design of the house that is to be, so we find it true in the great work of the Architect of the Universe.

Our share in this work commences with the recognition of the Divine ideal of man, and thus finding the pattern by which we are to be guided. For these reasons the student should endeavour to realize more and more perfectly, both in theory and practice, the law of the relation between the Universal and the Individual Minds.

It is the paradox of the less containing the greater. In themselves this order and this method of thinking are not new.

The Dore Lectures on Mental Science

We see that a system of terrorism cannot give expression to the Divine Spirit, and we realize the truth of St. That is the meaning of a general principle: In the generic order of being we exercise upon it a force of attraction in accordance with the innate pattern of our particular individuality; and as we begin to realize the Law of this relation, we, in our turn, are attracted towards the Divine along the lines of least resistance, that is on those lines which are most natural to our special bent of mind.


It is for this reason that St. The mistake is in supposing that Life can be generated in ourselves by an intellectual process; but, as we have seen in the preceding lectures, Life is the primary movement of the Spirit, whether in the cosmos or in the individual.

The Creative Process in the Individual By: This is the scientific method; it has proved itself true in respect of material things, and there is no reason why it should not be equally reliable in respect of spiritual things also.

He does not expect to find the starting point of the Creative Process reproduced within himself, and so he looks to the mechanical side of things for the basis of his reasoning about trowaed. The early “New Age” philosophy of “New Thought”, which was wildly popular at the turn of the 20th century, owes much of its emphasis on the concept of “mind over matter” to the works of Thomas Troward.

Thomas Troward – Dore Lectures on Mental Science – Hermetik International

Sensi rated it really liked it Nov 28, As our minds become open to the full meaning of this position, the immense possibilities and also the responsibility contained in it will become apparent. Our tjomas experience affords no froward against this, but on the contrary, is evidence for it. The more we see into this position the more intolerable it becomes, because from this stand-point we can never attain any certain basis of action, and the forces of possible evil multiply as we contemplate them.

If you are familiar with the great American mystic, this will be a goldmine of wisdom in one book. The distinctive mark of the latter is that it is the knowledge of good and evil, that is to say, the recognition of two antagonistic principles, and so requiring a knowledge of the relations between them to enable us to continually make the needful adjustments to keep ourselves going.

Now, however, we know that Life is much more than this; but, as the greater includes the less, it includes physical life as one mode of its manifestation. The Great Teacher’s words, “Take no thought for the morrow”–and note that the correct translation is “Take no anxious thought”– are the practical application of the soundest philosophy.

When we see this, our line of thought will run something as follows: The more intimate his knowledge of lectyres Law of Reciprocity becomes, the more he finds that it tjomas on to Liberty, on the same principle by which we find in physical science that nature obeys us precisely in the same degree to which we first obey nature. They realize the subjective or creative process, but do not see that it must be followed by an objective or constructive process, and consequently they are unpractical dreamers and never reach the stage of completed work.

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