DOSXYZnrc Users Manual. BEAM Code System General Licence. The BEAM code system (i.e. all pieces of code saying they are subject to the BEAM. General . Epp (Easy particle propagation) is a user code for the EGSnrc code system (1) widely used DOSXYZnrc (2). DOSXYZnrc Users Manual. DOSXYZnrc用户手册_IT/计算机_专业资料。DOSXYZnrc Users Manual B. Walters, I. Kawrakow and D.W.O. Rogers Ionizing Radiation.

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Surviving photons have their weight increased by n split so that their weight is equal to the weight of the original photon before splitting. Electron total and photon global cutoff energies in MeV.

If this still results in many restarts because of many particles missing the geometry or beyond beam fieldthen re-run the simulation with NRCYCL set manually to: The format follows that of the general purpose EGSnrc user-codes[26].

Please report all bugs and corrections if possible to bwalters at irs.

The graphical user interface facilitates creation of these input? The possible settings of mode are: The time required for a given calculation is strongly dependent on the value of ECUT and thus it is important to fosxyznrc as high a value as possible. These inputs are described in sections 5 and 6 below. When phase space data is sparse, then particles must be re-used to obtain adequate statistics.

Note that this option is redundant and, therefore, unavailable when using a CT phantom because it is an input?

Parallel Rectangular Beam Incident from Multiple Directions This is a uniform parallel rectangular beam similar to source 1, but incident from multiple, user-de? The optimum setting of n split for phase space and BEAMnrc simulation sources depends on incident beam energy,? However, if a large portion of the source is covered on the second pass, or if it is restarted more than once, we recommend re-running the simulation with a new value of NRCYCL calculated as: Dummy input used to be estepe, max.


Photons whose weight has been restored to the original weight are subject to splitting again. This is taken care of automatically if you are using usser GUI to set this parameter.

A graphical user interface for calculation of 3D dose distribution using Monte Carlo simulations

The geometry is a rectilinear volume with a right-handed coordinate system: This data must be included in the PEGS4 material data set. The isotropically-radiating point source is located on the Z-axis at distance ssd above the phantom. Every voxel volume element can have di? If on, then include radiative corrections for Compton scattering. If an old phase space?

Uset most sources, this simply means grouping quantities by incident particle. See the description of source 2 Section 4. DOSXYZnrc has a number of important and unique features such as dose component calculations, a wide variety of source con? If any of the? Compile with no optimization Compile executable for debugging.

The variance reduction techniques required are directional bremsstrahlung splitting DBS—see Ref[17] and Section 6. Note that parallel jobs will not run with the standard Unix batch command at. For non-CT phantoms where one can arrange to have at least some of the voxels quite large, the savings will be correspondingly larger, especially using the dsurround manul see section Parallel Rectangular Beam Incident from Front.

Make sure to turn on for low energy applications, not necessary above, say, 1 MeV. In addition to the above inputs, the user must input the following information, all on one line, separated by commas.


We recommend setting NRCYCL to a value that will ensure that the entire phase space source gets sampled ie the simulation uses almost all the particles in the source but prevents the source from being restarted. If set to BH, then use Bethe-Heitler pair production cross-sections. At most beam energies, this will ensure that step length is only limited by ESTEPE, which it is not recommended that you change.

For the purpose of dose deposition in the voxels, the total curved charged particle step is approximated using 2 straightline steps joined at a hinge point. In the BEAM input?

Each sub-source has its own spectral and planar? This is because much of the e? This option is to prevent termination of high-energy electrons which are likely to generate bremsstrahlung. The default Makefile is Makefile.

Same as for source 9 Section mankal. Corrections will be patched into the code and explicit mention given in the documentation to the person providing a workable solution.


Z in the BEAMnrc run where the phase space source was scored in cm. Both approaches are approximations, but the EGSnrc approach is more accurate. All values of x will appear in the GUI menu where Compton cross section data can be selected.

It is equal to roughly half the average multiple scattering angle squared.

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