DRAFTING, PLEADING AND CONVEYANCING. Introduction: By the art of legal drafting (also commonly called the legal composition) we mean the art of. 1 DR. RAM MANOHAR LOHIYA NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY, LUCKNOW FINAL DRAFT OF PLEADING, DRAFTING AND CONVEYANCE AMENDMENT OF. CONTENTS DRAFTING OF PLEADING AND CONVEYANCING – General Principles of Drafting and Relevant Rules CIVIL – Plaint – Written Statements.

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Under order XLI of code of civil procedure, the expressing “appeal” and “memorandum of appeal” are used to denote two distinct things.

It is also not necessary to state that the defendant executed the bond ‘of his own free will, and without any force or fraud because the burden of proving any fact invalidating the bond lies upon pleadjng defendant.

That it is alleged that this toll is charged in order to maintain the ferries under Northern India Ferries Act, These transferring is done legally.

Material part of the memorandum consists of the grounds of appeal. A person has no right of action in respect of a public nuisance unless he can show some special injury to himself which is over and above what is common to others.

Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing

The plaintiff or the defendant as the case may be, and his counsel must be on their guard not to omit any facts and straight-a-way jump to pleading legal interference without stating such facts. The court should adopt a liberal approach in cases where the other side can be compensated with costs. Counsel for Petitioner Petitioner. To have acted in the exercise of its jurisdiction illegally or with material irregularity.


It is such facts which can establish physical or mental cruelty. But the positition in regard to appeal is quite the opposite. Similarly that U the notice has been given under S.

The plaintiff can claim more then one relief, in the suit. Neal the original action was simply for slander, and the plaintiff was non-suited. Place ……………… Date……………… Limitation: Such pleadings, if they do not embarrass the other party, are generally tolerated by the Courts. The reason for this rule is that what is really material is the effect of the letter or conversation etc.

An appellant cannot argue in regard to any ground of bjection not taken in the memorandum of appeal. Order XLI Rule’ 1,2,3 lays down the c conlents of memorandum: At the same time, the entire pleading should appears a running S and willknit matter, must not look like isolated fact placed together.

Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing

Dated at madras this the ……………. K The application should end with a prayer. Section 3 2 of the oath Act provides; Without prejudice to the powers conferred by sub-sec.


Conveyancingg of the K property about which a claim is made should be clearly given. That the respondent No. That the present environment on which the said minor is being brought up is not conducive to his M proper education and development of good character.

Difference between drafting pleading and conveyancing –

The complainant states that the Opposite party fails to keep up her promise and did draftihg take U any steps to commence and complete the work of the unfinished items of work, despite receipt of the entire amounted sale consideration.

With necessary particulars to show what special damage the plaintiff suffered. Or That Shri ……….

Not all such facts are important. Objections pleadiny to the maintainability of the suit, locus standi of the plaintiff to file the suit, the non-joinder or mis-joinder of parties as to conveyancimg jurisdiction of the court or as to limitation may: Such a plaint may be rejected on the ground that it discloses no cause of action.

However, there are conditions which the law requires that they must be satisfied. M Name, Description and place of Residence of parties in plaint and written statement when the plaintiff or defendant is: K c Application under sec.

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