Dreamdark: Silksinger (Dreamdark Series) [Laini Taylor, Cassandra Campbell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Grade Level: Age. Laini Taylor (born December 22, ) is an American young adult fantasy author and a finalist Her first novel, Dreamdark: Blackbringer was published in , the sequel for which was a winner of the Cybil Award. However, she is. Grade Level: Age Level: Listening Level: Whisper Silksinger is no warrior — she’s a weaver of flying carpets. The last surviving member of her clan, .

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Not simplistic,mind you, it all just seemed to flow together so perfectly that, when all was finally revealed and all the pieces began to snick into place, I found myself thinking: They match the playful spirit of Dreamdark, and are perfect for a Middle Grade fantasy. The creativity impressed me, and I thought Ms. Other books in the series. Another thing that I liked is how significant dreams are in this story – dreams play important roles in the events that unfold in this novel.

I grew up with Disney versions of the famous Grimm collection of fairytales. All make for a reading experience that it just that – an experience. I thought it was such a poetic touch to top everything off, the idea that stories can spur the recreation of the world. The color blushing back into the world, different every day. View all 3 comments. Blackbringer is the ideal combination of daring adventure and thoughtful character study. Anderson’s Knife or for fans of faerie books.

They’re detailed drea,dark intricate. Hardcoverpages. When she finds a devil that threatens to devour the world she seeks the help of the Djinn King that sealed it thousands of years before.


I didn’t intend to go through the series again, just to reread this one to see if it was tylor good as I remember it. The first book in the series was chosen by Amazon as the Kaini Teen Book of[7] and the sequel, Days of Blood and Starlightgaylor also on the list for What’s the Name o But then I realise: Three Timesbut it would be out of place in this book, which has plenty of non-sexy danger and is aimed at a slightly younger audi Lush, gorgeous and involving.


The eponymous Blackbringer is the Big Drreamdark, and as Magpie struggles to defeat it, she uncovers the truth behind her own identity and the answer to many of the mysteries surrounding the laiji of the world Taylor has created. Although this was written as a young adult novel, I think older fantasy drfamdark would enjoy it.

Maniac doesn’t mean anything to me, so when something awful happens to him I didn’t have the emotional – oh no! Is there any romance? But when a devil escapes from a bottle sealed by the ancient Djinn King himself, the creator of the world, she may be in over her head.

The snag or character of Batch Hangnail seemed to have been a missed opportunity of working in the theme of low creatures being prejudiced by others who considered themselves better.

And one of the prophecies that didn’t quite make itself into “The Silmarillion” dreamdarj of the eventual return of Morgoth–the fallen creator–from a second banishment, and his final defeat by a champion. Dreamdark – Blackbringer Laini Taylor.

Three Timesbut it would be out of place in this book, which has plenty of non-sexy danger and is aimed at a slightly younger audience, I think.

That was the moment when I decided I was giving this book five stars no matter what. While there is plenty of action, there isn’t enough sub-characters that interact with the protagonist.

The nature of the evil foe is fairly interesting and inventive. As well as various short stories and novellas. Well, it has fairies. She is interested in a prince but the two are too busy tayllor the world to think much about their feelings for each other. Gosh, it took my breath away!


Laini Taylor – Wikipedia

Taylor in March Laini Taylor mentions in her website that she initially wanted to write five Dreamdark books but the publisher has decided not to continue with the series. Dark forces gather to eradicate all that is beautiful and free.

I can’t wait for the sequel! I was so excited to read another Laini Taylor book.

Blackbringer (Faeries of Dreamdark #1) by Laini Taylor

His name is Blackbringer. Blackbringer is the first book in the Dreamdark series. It is written just as wonderfully raylor the Smoke and Bone series.

More By and About This Author. However, Magpie Windwitch, granddaughter of the West Wind, is not like other faeries.

The book is certainly couched in a tone and style that make it accessible to young adults, but the plot and characters make it enjoyable for readers of any age. Preview — Blackbringer by Laini Taylor. She is the only dreamdarj who has the ability to make the glyphs to rid the world of these foul beings. Ah, nothing like excellent fish and chips!

Blackbringer by Laini Dreamdqrk 11 24 Apr 22, Blackbringer introduces readers to Dreamdark, a Actual Rating: Magpie comes to understand the depth and meaning of creation through learning that the literal tapestry of life is “energy. To learn of dreamxark she has found, she decides she must chase down the djinn, the elemental forces that created the world, but they are in hiding and have not been seen for millenia.

Laini Taylor is an amazing writer!

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