Arcane Society: The Dreamlight Trilogy has 3 entries in the series. The Dreamlight Trilogy book series by multiple authors includes books Fired Up, Burning Lamp, and Midnight Crystal. See the complete Dreamlight Trilogy. The complete series list for – The Dreamlight Trilogy. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time.

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But can London’s biggest crime lord help a respectable woman like Adelaide?

Dreamlight Trilogy

But he can’t do it alone; he needs the help of a woman with the talent to read the sreamlight dreamlight. Additionally, Jack believes he is developing a new psychic ability and will soon go mad. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

He had the abilities to manipulate shadow energy but now suffers from nightmares and hallucinations and believes that the Winters Curse has befallen him. Very boring plot and also repeated in the three books in a way makes u die of boredom. But as we see, all legends are rooted in truth.

Did not really need all 3 books; all 3 are the same story — literally — set in a different time period. They are intelligent, they have respect for each other, and both engage in witty dialogue. Jayne Castle Narrated by: She is now known as The Widow, a reformer with a hidden talent for controlling Dreamlight.

Because when he visits there he finds out no-one with the last name of Reacher has ever lived there. But rarely does one ever come into more than one talent or he goes crazy, and it definitely never happens past puberty. Adelaide becomes more to Griffin than just a dreamlight worker. This series has a lot of repetition, that I get some is necessary, but not to that extent.


But he knew that from the moment he met her. The book introduces the reader to Adelaide who was sold as a teenager, but she escaped with a strange, unstable object.

Fired Up: Book One of the Dreamlight Trilogy

Monthly Poll How often do you recommend the books you read? Krentz is married and lives with her husband, Frank, in Seattle, Washington. And Adelaide has the Burning Lamp. Was disappointed because all the books were the same only slightly different. Dreamlighht Up introduces us to Jack Winters. The series concluded in with Midnight Crystal.

Dreamlight Trilogy Series Audiobooks |

Marlowe Jones sets up a meeting with Adam Winters, but while they’re discussing why she contacted him Someone stole a relic from the vault at the museumsomeone takes a few shots at them. Jan 13, Louise rated it it triloyy amazing. I like the new complications that have come into play.

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Dreamlight Trilogy Archives – Jayne Ann Krentz

The third one was little different but still boring as the others. The Victorian Era holds many new inventions and discoveries, and all of those only fuel the fire for psychic discoveries amongst those who have the talents. Review posted on Got Fiction?

True to form, Fired Up is a fascinating start to a trilogy that links the three worlds that Jayne Anne has built between Harmony and Arcane Society. Adam Winters is convinced his recent nightmares and hallucinations will lead to him becoming a psychic rogue?

The people who want the relic more than Jack does, may not let Chloe and Jack live. Each generation the Winters man who inherits it is destined to develop multiple talents—and the curse of madness.

Reading one book would have been good. Adam Winters has enough responsibility as the new head of the local Ghost Hunter Guild without being saddled with the family curse. She can find it, but will she be able to help Jack work it?


And don’t forget we still have old Nicholas Winters’ lamp bouncing around! Nicholas Winters made use of the Burning Lamp to improve his ability, but the result of this action-some of his male descendants are cursed- such that they need the Lamp and woman to stabilize their abilities.

Dreamlitht Preview See a Problem? Her Amanda Quick series takes place in the Victorian era. It’s a neat idea for a series-a book that’s set in the present, past, and future, with characters trilovy each series, and showing just how connected they really are. More than three centuries ago, Nicholas Winters irrevocably altered his genetic makeup in an obsession-fueled competition with alchemist and Arcane Society founder Sylvester Jones.

Dreamlight Trilogy 3 books.

She writes romantic suspense book in the distinct worlds: We’ll base this on various factors for example “If you like Jack Reacher Those who have them in strong talents are usually registered with the Arcane Society.

Gilda Boland rated it it was amazing Feb 26, But he was driven mad by dreamliht amount of power, or so the legend goes. A Winters man needs a female dreamlight talent to help him work the Burning Lamp to help him keep from going insane.

Cindy Rivera rated it it was amazing Apr 28, This author definitely has a style that works for her. If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below.

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