The inscription preceding Drew Magary’s first novel, The Postmortal (Penguin, August ), is a quote from the band Mastodon. Though. The Postmortal, by Drew Magary, is the first-hand account of what happens when a cure for aging is discovered. The story is told to us by. About a third of the way through The Postmortal, in a chapter executed as a roundup of Internet links, Drew Magary shifts the focus away from.

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The Postmortal

More significantly, the treatment msgary the Cure was inconsistent. You just worry constantly whether they’ll be okay. One character points out that retirement is no longer an option. Anyone receiving the cure, in other words, is guaranteed a painful, possibly violent death. Would You Get the Cure?

This is a sobering and, in its way, a cautionary tale. It’s told in short excerpts in the form of brief first person narratives, interviews, and little bullet point news articles. Things like Alzheimer’s were prevented by The Cure, however many years after receiving the Cure, a character has a heart attack, and when they go to the hospital, try to give their apparent age rather than their true age.

And whether you appreciate that or not, any creative work that can impress postmortxl kind of feeling upon you is worth the time. Officials of the day have edited this long record and present it to the reader.

However another part of me is afraid of what I’d become if presented with the chance for immortality. There are plenty of other ways to die, and plenty o What if a group of scientists found a cure for aging? His protagonist, John Farrell, left behind a record of his thoughts and observations after receiving the cure, as well as a plethora of current news articles and headlines.

From there we jump to New York City, where year-old John is in the first stages of getting his Cure. But there’s pistmortal one character who really seems to feel or act older than her apparent age, and the book spans probably 80 years, with most of the characters having been given the Cure in the early part of that, when they were in their 20s or 30s.


There were times that I was almost moved to tears by Farrell’s emotion – when he’s with his father, when he relates the birth of his son. I d I really loved the first half of this novel. To say I was blown away by The Postmortal would plstmortal an understatement.

It stops you from aging, and at 29 years old, he could potentially live forever—barring accidents, murder, etc. Jun 10, Ranting Dragon rated it really liked it Shelves: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Review of The Postmortal, by Drew Magary |

Drew Magary is an excellent writer. As it is, I found myself often wondering “Who would write about this on their Tumblr blog?

The guy then when asked about what his wife mzgary be doing while he’s away, he says that magry herself got a man to keep her busy and that’s better cause, wait for it March 17th – The Postmortal 1 15 Jan postmogtal, They find their own little crevice in the world, shielded from all the horror.

Except I probably would. The concept is interesting and Magary pulls out some fun twists, but it’s not enough to save the book. I remember there was one paragraph in the article about Graham Otto that would never in a million years appear in a real work of journalism, and that kind of thing bothered me a little throughout.

Magary makes solid decisions concerning what aspects of the future he wants to deal with. The news articles keep poztmortal reader updated on what is going on throughout the world and then John’s journal shows how these things are affecting people on a more personal level, how they are living mavary and with these changes.

Even when he is attacked by anti-immortality muggers, the scars they leave behind are erased by plastic surgery.

The Postmortal by Drew Magary

After that, his dad dies, and you’d think he’d be emotionally broken and all he could think about is how he’ll miss his dead father and how he’s gonna go on without him Jul 29, Michael rated it liked it Shelves: Russia builds a massive army of soldiers who never age.

The premise is that an American scientist discovered the cure for aging, and the main narrator in the story had the cure.

On the whole, this’ll keep you going, but don’t expect to feel rosy when you finish. John is somewhat charming,a bit arrogant,and more than a little immature,but as the book goes on,events postmodtal occur that have the effect of knocking the arrogance right out of him,and then some.


Magxry of my favorite sections involved John nagary to a wealthy businessman’s house, which he’s outfitted for survival during a nuclear or apocalyptic war; there’s no real reason for John to be there, and he hardly speaks at all.

Most of the book chapters are accounts from his e-mail or the news during the time, and a few break and go into plain narrative. Ultimately, this novel is a tour de force in the science fiction genre, but manages to pose some serious questions about society as we know it. A lot of Pistmortal Postmortal is bleak. At turns profoundly sad,humorous,and terrifying,The Postmortal will move you to examine what it means to be human and keep you turning pages until the explosive end.

Aug 30, Poshmortal rated it it was ok Shelves: Though his sixty years as a year-old, he experiences all the love, pain, grief, and terror of a standard lifetime and is still in good enough shape to kick some ass at the end.

Immortality, however, comes with its own unique problems-including evil green people, government euthanasia programs, a disturbing new religious cult, and other horrors.

Told through what is essentially a series of electronic diary entries written by a man named John Farrell, The Postmortal chronicles the near-future where a cure for aging has been discovered and humanity has taken its first tentative dree toward immortality. Farrell is a flawed character.

Narrator johnny Heller was quite good, no complaints on the audio. Martin at some magaru whenever the characters get a little taste of happiness, something has to come along and ruin their lives. Because China is the perpetual bad guy, they also eventually nuke several parts of their own country as a form of population control. I liked him for so long. The cartoon-like cover image magarry back cover blurb did not prepare me for how crazy-good this book actually was.

I really loved the first half of this novel. Despite the somber topic, The Postmortal is a novel that I did not want to put down.

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