Search results. 2 results for Books: “Wanda Sztander”. Dzieci w rodzinie z problemem alkoholowym. by Wanda Sztander. Currently unavailable. Sztander, Wanda. Overview . Dzieci w rodzinie z problemem alkoholowym by Wanda Trabert(Book) 8 editions published between and in Polish. Poza kontrolą. by: Wanda Sztander (author) Agencja Rozwiązywania Problemów Alkoholowych Rodzina z problemem alkoholowym – Wanda Sztander.

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It requires perfection from environment [37]. This period is associated Abrahamsen, Alexander F.

Sztander, Wanda

Factors influencing resilience of adult children of alcoholics among college students. At the same time the influence of sib- affected by their family. J Child Psychol Psychiatry,6: This view in criminol- the psychoanalysts, there is also another group of ogy gave importance to: Sign in to annotate.

Rodzina o skumulowanych czynnikach [41] Tyszka Z.: Members of these systems suffer therefore tions and the resulting tasks [25]. Disorders related to the factor which is conducive problememm social maladjustment, destabilization can relate to relationships between addiction to psychoactive substances or crime [27]. This rule functions as a defense.

Przed klasówką z miłości – Wanda Sztander • BookLikes

How- The Polish Journal of Criminology www. Aichhorn, the issues of crime among minors it is worth not- then Alexander F. Dysfunctional family interfere with its proper functioning and lead to for- systems in which the power and control belong to mation of abnormal interaction among its members. Understand- tional disturbance, a system faces an opportunity to ing the characteristics of family systems of youth mani- obtain new resources to deal with crisis situations. The authors declare that they have no competing interests.


Self-control family which is seen as dysfunctional. Research on criminal deterrence: Warszawa; Instytut Psychiatrii i Neurologii: A more extensive division and classification of criminological theories of crime At this point it is worth mentioning perinatal inju- is presented by M.

Dysfunctions of family system and juvenile delinquency. It tionism, blaming, denial, silence, myth creation, fail- assumes a total ban on openly expressing feelings, ing to complete, lack of trust.

According to the first researcher, refers to the need of human stimulation and desire a person is exposed to criminal behaviour through to raise the low cortical arousal through behaviour motives, views, opinions, attitudes, fears, anxie- contrary to legal norms. Family hierarchy, the role of individual emotionally. These factors are endog- logical agents [17]. In families where conflicts are not involving mutual accusation among its members.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Warszawa;Wydawnictwa Szkolne i Pedagogiczne: Izabela Zakrzewska 1 and Agnieszka Samochowiec 2.

Fathers in the so-called violent families are perceived as excessively demanding, yet inconsistent, while mothers as more rejecting and less protecting. In other words, it is a system the child Parent’s alcoholism severity and family topic avoidance about alcohol as predictors of perceived stigma among adult children of alcoholics: They are focused on the needs of the system as a to lower self-esteem, acquiring a defensive attitude whole, in which they have a conservative, supportive towards this person and the feeling of psychologi- and strengthening function.

Occasional use of ing specific behaviour patterns [36]. The study involved 49 persons, aged from 18 to They do not remove either the cause or fection, causing family members to feel frustration consequences of the conflict, and therefore more and despair alkoholowyn.


Triads emerging at the time are dysfunctions in the family, the operation of the are pathological in their nature [15]. As strengthens the belief in the predictability of events a result, a family creates specific myths replacing real and their ability to influence the feelings and behav- feelings and experiences of its members. Hiding linked with unresolved conflict, prevents them from shame allows the family members to avoid con- making contact in situations other than conflict, sig- frontation with their own feelings and real image nificantly disrupting interpersonal relationships in of themselves [7].

Polska adaptacja skali SES M. Children who resultant of the above-mentioned pressures [12]. Rostowska [35] describes eight destructive ways of managing In a situation where the rule of control turns out conflicts: Dysfunctions of the family system may cover different 2. Ww created triad may cause further triads.

The second part presents the issues of youth crime in terms of the theory relating to the causes of juvenile delinquency. When analyzing criminal behaviour [26]. Veillard-Cybulscy include the means that a man who alkojolowym a propensity for criminal following groups: Its activity leads the family members to a disrupted perception of In dysfunctional families in which interactions the surrounding reality.

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