E3X-DACS 2M. E3X-DACS 2M. Advanced models. Standard models + Simultaneous determi- nation (2 colors). AND/OR output, Remote setting. Buy OMRON INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION E3X-DACS 2M online at Newark element Buy your E3X-DACS 2M from an authorized OMRON. Omron E3X-DACS 2M Photoelectric Sensors are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for Omron E3X-DAC11 -S 2M.

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This is a class A product. In a domestic environment this product may cause radio interference in which case the user may be required to adequate measures.

There is a possibility of failure and fire. Do not connect sensor to AC power supply. Hot surface may cause heat injury.

Fiber Optic

Precautions for Safe Use 1 Do not use the Amplifier Unit in environments subject to flammable or explosive gases. Be careful when you operate or clean it. Precautions for Correct Use 1.

Power consumption mW max. Switchable normal or reversed display Display orientation Incandescent lamp: Ambient illumination Receiver side Ambient temperature Operating: Groups of 1 to 2 Amplifiers: Short-circuited to 0V or 1.

Short-circuited to Vcc or Vcc It is the necessary time to detect a workpiece. Mutual interference prevention does not function in super-high-speed mode. And, the discrimination mode is only I mode. However, I mode is set when difference of the conformity is small or in super-high-speed mode. If the display value changes by light from other sensors, lower the threshold. Stabler detection can be done.

When I mode and Black mode is set, the incident light level is displayed instead of the conformity. It shows how close to the registered color by the value from 0 to Operation indicator Advanced models: Lit when the output is ON.

Lit when the output for channel 1 is ON. Lit when I mode is set. Lit when the output for channel 2 is ON. RUN Select to detect actually or to set the following: Manual adjustment of threshold, teaching, zero shift reset, or key lock. Used to select conformity output or nonconformity output operation. Used to select the channel to display or set. Operation mode selector Dca11 models: Depend on the setting. DOWN key Decrease the threshold. Switch the function to be set on the display.

LO execute teaching only when OK. The teaching can be executed e3xx in the reverse order. Always attach the Fiber Unit connector end first. If the incorrect end is attached first, the mounting strength will be reduced.


Color sensing type digital fiberoptic amplifier unit [E3X-DAC-S] | OMRON | MISUMI Thailand

Same as SET daf11 of one point teaching. SET mode display 1 1. Slide the Amplifier Units together and press the Amplifier Units together until they click into place. Same as RUN mode of one point teaching. Press the MODE key for 3 seconds or more. Conformity If teaching or sensing is not well done because of shiny of workpieces, tilt the ex3 unit by approximately 5 to 20 degrees. Open the protective cover 2.

Press up the lock button.

Insert the fibers all the way to the back of the connector insertion opening. Return the lock button to its original position to secure the fibers.

Setting Threshold dia Remove the Units in the reverse order. Brown Brown Pre-wired Models daf11. Internal circuits 1 Do not use dav11 Amplifier Unit under the following conditions. If the Amplifier Unit wiring is wired together with or placed in the same duct as high-power lines, inductive noise may cause operating errors or damage the Amplifier Unit. If e3z Amplifier Unit and load are connected to power supplies separately, turn ON the power supply to the Amplifier Unit first.

DON nonconformity output The output turns ON when the detected color does not coincide with the registered color or the ex light level is below the threshold. Select either conformity output or nonconformity output operation. Set as the operation mode in SET mode for advanced models. This sheet primarily describes precautions required in installing and operating the product. Before operating the product, read the sheet thoroughly to acquire sufficient knowledge of the product.

For your convenience, keep the sheet at your disposal. Setting the Operation Mode Unit: Protector seal 9 Do not pull or apply excessive pressure or force Power supply connector exceeding 9. When going to SET mode, this setting will be ignored and the conformity and the threshold will be displayed. Display Conformity Threshold Conformity Threshold The display set by the display switch will return in approximately 5 seconds.

Peak level OVER flash twice. The conformity peak level and nonconformity bottom level D-BT Analog bar display. Fac11 current detection status is displayed as an analog bar. The bar will lengthen from the right as conformable status is reached. Low error Detection status The incident dax11 level is too small. After adjust the Fiber Unit to increase the incident light level, ee3x re-teaching. Near error Change of the conformity is too small. After adjust the Fiber Unit to increase change of the conformity, execute re-teaching.


The function displays are the default settings.

All settings except for the operation da11, timer function and teaching level setting are the same for both channels for advanced models. The values shown for thresholds, conformity, percentages, etc.

E3x-dacs E3xdac11s Omron Photoelectric Switch vdc Ship | eBay

Actual displays may vary. Output Setting For the advances models Only Set separately for each channel. Timer Time Setting range: EEPROM error OMRON shall not be responsible for conformity with any standards, codes, or regulations that apply to the combination of the products in the customer’s application or use of the product. Not save Save has been completed.

GOOD Take all necessary steps to determine the suitability of the product for the systems, machines, and equipment with which it will be used. Know and observe all prohibitions of use applicable to this product. See also Product catalog for Warranty and Limitation of Liability. Pulse width Initial reset: Initialize all of settings to return to the default states. Return to the saved states. Disable this function if the external input is turned ON frequently.

The write life is e3c writes. C Check an output load and keep current in rating. Check whether the load to be short-circuited. Teaching With and Without a Workpiece Error display If a key is pressed while key operations are locked, “LOC ON” will flash twice on the display to indicate that key operations have been disabled. External Input Setting Not execute user reset If the error occurs, the error messages are blinking as below.

In these case Execute following 3ex to restore. Output when the output is ON for both channel 1 and channel 2. Timer Function Timer disabled.

Initial reset Output for each channel Set separately for each channel. The output for channel 1 functions according to the detection mode selection.

The threshold displayed in the sub-display is shifted by an amount corresponding to the amount the conformity was changed.

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