The large multi purpose vehicle from French car-maker Renault, model Renault Espace, was used for test drives, according ECE R (urban. UN/ECE regulation no Title: Uniform provisions concerning the approval of passenger cars powered by an internal combustion engine only, or powered by. This is an important topic to be investigated but there is no literature reporting on the impact of vehicle mass (or weight) to fuel economy for.

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The CO -emission correction coefficient K is defined as: Proposal for Supplement 10 WP.

GAR | CO2 Emissions/Fuel Consumption

For Pure Electric Vehicle: The electricity balance Q eve is measured over each combined cycle, using the procedure specified in Appendix 2 to this Annex, and used to determine when the battery minimum state of charge has been reached.

Drawing of the evaporative control system: Table A illustrates the application of the test requirements for type approval of a vehicle. Periodically regenerating system i.

With weight increment of Fuel consumption at zero battery energy balance C 6. Theoretical duration of a complete charge: Several measurements are usually performed along the cycle.

New European Driving Cycle – Wikipedia

Accordingly, those vehicle types with regenerative systems, whose parameters described below are identical, or within the stated tolerances, shall be considered to belong to the same family with respect to measurements specific to the defined periodically regenerating systems.

Proposal for Supplements to the 06 and 07 series of amendments Available formats: Let L be the natural logarithm of the CO type approval value: For pure electric vehicles: If a super-charger is fitted, it shall be in the normal operating condition for the test conditions. Number of report issued by that Service: Calculation of the driving distance of the one Combined driving cycle charge of the traction battery estimates several driving conditions and variation of the mass of the investigated vehicle.


For Hybrid Electric Vehicles 4.

The exhaust gases shall be analysed according to Annex 4a of Regulation No. Starting within 4h from tthe cycle made of four elementary urban cycles and an extra-urban cycle is run twice on a chassis dynamometer test distance: Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure This GTR prescribes a test cycle and test procedures to measure the emissions including off-cycle and fuel efficiency of ecs vehicles.

Charge of the Battery The vehicle shall be connected to the mains within the 30min after the conclusion of the cycle made of four elementary urban cycles and an extra-urban cycle, carried out twice.

We do not re-word, summarise, cut or interpret the regulatory documents. After the entry into force of Supplement ecr to the 01 series of amendments to this Regulation, Contracting Parties applying this Regulation shall not be obliged to accept, for the purpose of national or regional type approval, a vehicle type approved to this Regulation in any of its previous versions, unless they accept vehicles approved to any series of amendments preceding the 07 series of amendments to Regulation No.

Upper and lower limit of rolling circumference: Three consecutive cycles shall be driven. Make sure that for each type of vehicle tests prescribed in 1r01 7 to this Ee are carried out; notwithstanding the requirements of Paragraph 2. However, to improve repeatabilitythey are generally performed on a roller test bench. Skip to main content. Power demand of eve vehicle moving at urban mode does 40 Reasons for extension if applicable: Tell me more Already a subscriber.

The NEDC, which is supposed to represent the typical usage of a car in Europeis repeatedly criticised for delivering economy-figures which are unachievable in reality. The Type Approval Authorities may carry out all the tests prescribed in dce Regulation. Proposal to clarify the draft text that would explicitly specify requirements related to the selection of driving modes for testing of Off-Vehicle Charging Hybrid Electric Vehicles OVC – HEV with a mode selection switch.


International Council on Clean Transportation. Electric vehicle the electric one and equipped with the new generation LiFePO4 Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

Proposal for Supplement 8 to 01 series of amendments Document Reference Number: Thirty-eight voted in favor with zero against and zero abstaining. Every modification of the approved type shall be notified to the Type Approval Authority which approved the type.

The number of operating cycles d measured for complete regeneration shall be recorded. Equivalent inertia mass of complete front axle: Application of the Cycle and Measurement of the Distance The end of charging time t plug off is reported. Powered axles number, position, interconnection: Car, Light Truck Subject Categories: In the Extra- Urban Driving Cycle maximum vehicle movement speed is description of the requirements is described further.

New European Driving Cycle

Application of the Cycle and Measurement of the Range 4. Dependences of BEV-Espace weight: This document concerns UN Regulation No. In case of a manual gear box with several gears, the operator changes the gear according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Retrieved 30 April Means of identification of type, if marked on the vehicle: Energ Convers Manage ; CO -emission at zero battery energy balance M 5. Total distance traveled was Recommendations for changing the gears 5.

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