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Conser-vation Biology, 14 6: We used a Mexican mammal field guide Aranda, to identify tracks and feces, and compared these with the reference material on traces of ma-mmals of Oaxaca, of the Collection of Mammalogy OAX. Anales del Instituto de Biologa.

Entre septiembre de y agosto dese realiz un muestreo de mamferos de talla mediana y grande en el municipio de Juchitn, y comparamos su diversidad en dos zonas con distintos niveles de impacto antropognico definido de acuerdo con las ecolocacim de las actividades humanas, la densidad de ganado y la degradacin del hbitat.

Groundwater pene-trated through these discontinuities into the tunnel and formed a large pool.

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Habitat disturbance and habitat fragmentation influence both the original plant communities and the heterogeneity and complexity of the entire ecosystem. In our study, particularly the disturbed area is affected by strong human intervention, which may explain the ecolocain observed abundance of this species.

Index of diversity and. A theoretical analysis of some eccolocacin of similarity as applied to biogeo-graphy. Number of records of medium and large mammals recorded in La Venta, Juchitan. Dominance D was estimated with the BergerParker index Whittaker,which is an indirect method to measure species diversity: Acta Zoolgica Mexicana n. In this hu,ana we outline a oneyear study of the plankton community in the habitat, in order to analyse species composition and seasonal dynamic of the plankton community, and to assess their dependence on environmental parameters.

The degree of soil compaction was calculated as the ratio of the time recorded on the trail and in the untrampled terrain. This technique facilitates the determination of species’ hmuana patterns, but it is expensive to implement compared to indirect methods. The new locality is at km in a direct line from the type locality. Settlement proximity Prox Proximity was defined as the multiplicative inverse of the distance to the closest towns in km.


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Animal Biodiversity and Conservation issue () – [PDF Document]

The high abundance of U. Fur-thermore, this area has a particular importance from a zoogeographical perspective because it lies in the zone where the Nearctic and Neotropical regions over-lap. It is well known that medium and large sized mammal species are the most affected by hunting.

The disturbed area may present lower diversity due to several processes found in the area. Human trails density Tran It was measured as Ltra, but recording trails used by people to travel. Giving you a few more options to deal with the content. Soil compaction Comp The constant trampling of livestock along ecplocacin causes soil compaction, which affects water infiltration.

Variable Acronym DescriptionLivestock density Goat droppings frequency Goat Computed from presence of goat dung in ten randomly chosen 1 m squares along the transect; frequency was defined as the fraction of squares with positive records. Species diversity can change or remain stable in response to disturbances in the forest. However, this sampling was not standardized, ecolcoacin camera trapping was only used during the last six months of sampling.

La diversidad y la abundancia de fitoplancton y zooplancton eran bajas durante todo el ao en la cueva con una media anual de 96,4 ind. Animal Biodiversity and Conservation, Prentice Hall, Engle-woods Cliffs.

Animal Biodiversity and Conservation issue 37.1 (2014)

Environmental parameters with their mean, range of variation and statistical difference observed during the study period. In terms of relative abundance, Urocyon cinereoar-genteus was the species with the highest abundance in the preserved area 0.


This species is an omnivore that depends on plankton for food. Pearson correlation coefficients showed a low but significant ecollcacin between plankton communities and environmental parameters.

Of all the records, 79 We studied the spatial and seasonal distribution of plankton in the native habitat of the Iranian cave barb between May and February The cave is located at 33 04′ 39” N and 48 35′ 33” E fig.

Hunting may also contribute to decrease the abundance and increase the secretive and evasive behavior of some species. Cervidae Odocoileus virginianus F, f, Sr, P 6 0. Planktonic species with their mean, range of variation and statistical difference observed during the study period. Sample collection and analysisThe Iranian cave barbs original locality was found to have a depth of 28 m by local divers but for sampling only 5 m from the surface was attainable by a Ruttner sampler.


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Para las abreviaturas de los tipos de registro, Rec, vase la tabla 3. We only considered spots where the soil showed tracks of strong and frequent removal of material by water such as ravines as ecollcacin evidence of erosion.

And to control ecolocadin content no possibility of a remote delete or content change. Los coeficientes de correlacin de Pearson pusieron de manifiesto que la relacin entre las comunidades de plancton y los parmetros ambientales era baja pero significativa. Por lo que respecta a la cantidad, las especies dominantes de fitoplancton y zooplancton fueron Achnanthidium sp.

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